‘Temptation Island’ Finale: Evan Shatters Kaci – Leaves With Morgan

This Temptation Island recap features Evan Smith breaking Kaci Campbell‘s heart by choosing Morgan Lolar. Here’s a look at part 2 of “The Final Bonfire”. It started as a breezy ocean-kissed sojourn for four couples who wanted to test their relationship. It ended with a tsunami of tears, tequila, and the sage advice of host Mark L Walberg.

Evan Smith stayed true to form as an aging jock. Likewise tossing one cheerleader aside for another after only a month of under-the-bleacher action. Kaci Campbell wasn’t too proud to beg, but Evan marched right off the island with his new “girlfriend” Morgan Lolar — seemingly without a care.

Temptation Island Recap: John Thurmond and Kady Krambeer Call It Quits

This Temptation Island recap picks up where we left off in finale part 1. Kady Crambeer just told John Thurmond that he makes her not want to have kids. John, who cried almost as much as Kaci this season, looks in dire need of a hug. John goes first with his post-island decision. He will leave the island alone. Kady agrees she too will fly solo. Lurking in the Maui brush, Dr Johnny Alexander scratches his head. He thought for sure she’d want to leave with him. After all he’s got her back. Literally.

On the Temptation Island finale, we flash back to Javen Butler and Shari Ligons. The first night, they argued during the singles’ introduction. As a result, Javen resisted temptation as he knew who wore the peach-colored yoga pants in this relationship. And it is certainly bootylicious Shari. In turn, Shari got close to Justin Sturm. But not too close. While an upbeat musical montage hints that these two are probably gonna make it.

Evan Smith Stomps the Heart of Kaci Campbell – Makes a Promise To Morgan Lolar

On Temptation Island, we take a fond look back at the love triangle that whipped the Twitterverse into a frenzy. We see an optimistic Kaci Campbell nudge Evan Smith when Morgan Lolar made her cheesy intro on night one and saying that she’s cute. In turn, Evan Smith agrees. Then, Kaci Campbell laughed and playfully slapped him. Next, footage shows Evan frolics on the beach with the always-bikini clad Morgan Lolar. He spouts off the kind of doofus lines that one hears at closing time at a dive bar. Such as “I knew you were trouble”.

Surprisingly the bubbly realtor fell for him hook line and sinker on Temptation Island. With emphasis on sinker. Which is where this will head now that the show is over. And fans will move on from the vapid social media sniping these two engaged in. No one will care when Evan Smith goes live anymore. And Morgan Lolar will be left with reality smacking her in the face in the form of his dirty gym socks. A shaky Kaci Campbell admits she’s made mistakes. Seems like surfer dudes don’t like to be backed into a corner.

Kaci Campbell Not Too Proud To Beg on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island, Evan Smith and Kaci Campbell finally face off in front of the murky coals of the last bonfire. Kaci goes first in shaky desperation. While clinging to the hope that Evan will discard his newfound girlfriend as quickly as he was willing to discard his one of 10 years, Evan was quick to play the victim saying she backed him into a corner and gave ultimatums. Blah blah blah. Nevertheless, he’s done.

On TI in perhaps one of the most cringeworthy reality TV scenes ever, Kaci resorts to full-on begging. Evan sits unfazed. He tells Mark he’s done. In perhaps the best advice ever given on reality TV, host Mark steps in. He tells Kaci in a polite way what we are all thinking. Girl. You have just been handed the best deal ever. Run! You are free of this gaslighting, self-pitying man-child. Let Morgan have his vapid a**. Congratulations, Kaci you are the winner of Temptation Island!

Then, host Mark. L Walberg sends Evan down the path to a fully-clothed Morgan sitting on a bench. In perhaps the fakest and corniest reality scene ever. While that’s saying a lot, the two try to feign happiness. Even the island toads can sense the fading passion now that they’ve lost the allure of sneaking around. Snakes eat their prey live. It’s no fun if you’re not squeezing the life out of someone.

Javen Proposes To Shari on TI

Temptation Island fans collectively retched after the Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith show. But then, Javen and Shari show up to offer hope. With the other three couples kaput, these two managed to weather the storm. After revealing how much she’s changed, Shari says she wants them to have their own lives. After a three commercial cliff hanger, Shari admits she means as a couple. The two head down the path and SURPRISE — Javen drops to one knee and proposes.

Mark whips out the champagne for their first toast as an engaged couple. A follow-up shows the two shopping for wedding gear. Javen admits Shari is a perfectionist. She tries on dresses. These two certainly deserve a toast for being the last and only couple standing on Temptation Island.

Where Are The Now? The Temptation Island Couples 6 Months Later

To finally wrap this Temptation Island recap, we check in with the couples six months later. John Thurmond is back in Texas. He and Kady Crambeer lived together for just a minute after returning. He claims Kady was even lovey- dovey. Until Dr Johnny sent an airline ticket to NYC. Which of course prompted him to tell her to get the f*ck out of his house. Kady admits that the romantic relationship with her and Dr Johnny fizzled too. She is now single. As is John who didn’t want a long distance relationship with Katheryn Golden.

On Temptation Island, Karl croons a song in a recording studio about temptation. He will focus on music and clients and hold no ill will against Nicole Tutewohl. His fling with Brittney Rose has evolved into a friendship. Nicole buys a condo and walks the streets like a modern-day Mary Tyler Moore. Tyler Sabino is still a friend. And made her realize a level of self-worth. Nicole, Your gonna make it after all.

Finally, Kaci Campbell sports long dark locks and a spunky new attitude. Until asked about Evan and she crumbles quickly. Evan Smith wasted no time moving into Morgan Lolar’s DC pad. He pouts and kisses butt with her mother and sisters. We see the proposal that fans already knew about. Morgan says yes. But the look on her face is a tad suspicious. Because she’s no longer the temptress. But rather the one who will be begging the next time. Till season 2!

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