‘Temptation Island’: Evan Disses Kaci With No Message – Admits He’s a Scumbag – Recap

Temptation Island recap starts with the girls returning to the villa. Kaci Campbell is in tears. She didn’t watch the clip of Evan Smith at the bonfire. After listening she’s got a pretty good idea what went down. John Thurmond takes a punch to the gut and the heart.

Bonfire clips of girlfriend Kady Krambeer show her getting up close and personal with Dr Johnny Alexander in a hot tub and later in bed. Let’s dive in to the heartbreak that was TI Season 1 Episode 7 “Mixed Messages”.

Kaci Campbell Melts Down to Producers on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island, Kaci anxiously rubs lavender on her hands to calm her anxiety. She tells producers she didn’t think it would go down like this. Sobbing, she fears losing it and embarrassing her family. So, the producer hugs her. She reassured Kaci Campbell that her family know who she really is. Kaci Campbell says she knows Evan Smith is “getting things from other girls”. Specifically one girl. Because Kaci doesn’t recognize the Evan she sees in the clips, she fears he will take this too far and lose everything with her.

Outside with the others, the single guys lend support. Next, Justin Sturm advises Kaci Campbell not to leave Evan Smith a video. He thinks Kaci owes him nothing. Justin also says he thinks the guys may think the girls will come running back no matter how they behave on Temptation Island. So, Nicole jumps in and defends the girls. She for one has used the time to discover her inner awesomeness on the island. Certainly, she’ll take that with her no matter if she stays with Karl or not. You go girl. Do you.

Hannah Is Team John – Karl Defends Not Bedding Brittney Rose

On Temptation Island, John tears up in the kitchen. Hannah Rightmire hugs him and tells him it will be okay. He says he will spill his heart in his 30 second video to Kady. Meanwhile, Karl chats with Katheryn. He too saw his girlfriend lying in bed with one of the singles. Then, Karl points out that he wouldn’t let Brittney Rose in his bed because of boundaries. So, Katheryn suggests if something develops between he and Brittney that he explain it’s not for spite.

Back at the dude ranch on Temptation Island John is a mess. He saw GF Kady having some hot tub fun with Dr Johnny the Chiropractor. To twist the knife further, he lays down in her bed with her. John calls her out as a weak hypocrite. Specifically for calling him weak first and not “man enough”. Javen and Karl offer up support. Evan offers up nothing but tries to make it about him. He sulks in the corner over his own status as a douche and weak in the eyes of others on the island.

The Dates: Kady’s Got Feels – Brittney Steps up Her Game on Temptation Island

Then the dates began on Temptation Island. So, Kady and Johnny jump off a cliff. Once in the water Kady says she’s got the feels. Next, Johnny says, in a voice with less emotion than the rock they jumped off, he prayed for this connection. Then, Javen and Erica paddle board. He claim’s he’s letting loose. But not really as he knows the wrath he would meet if he really did. Because he’s so nervous, he mistakes a coconut for a pineapple.

On TI Shari Ligons and Justin Sturm talk over real pineapple slushies. Shari reveals she is growing up. She now realizes you can be friends with the opposite sex. Nicole and Tyler Sabino get massages. Kaci Campbell grabs fruity cocktails with John Luna. She tries to put a healthy spin on things. Because no amount of coconut and rum in a Tiki glass takes away the pain of Evan’s frat boy high jinks only 2 weeks in.

So, cut to dramatic music and Evan and Morgan sucking face. He tells her he thought he’d be tempted and realize he shouldn’t be with Kaci Campbell BUT not find the love of his life. Please add a shot to Kaci Campbell’s Tiki drink. Girl’s gonna need it. He tells Morgan she’s all he wants. Brittney tries hard to get Karl to cave. She whispers that she “loves it when he touches her”. Translation: when you don’t move away when I touch you. Britt fails in her quest to sleep in Karl’s bed and says he makes her “feel like a creep”.

Wynn Comes a Knockin’ on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island, Nicole and Tyler lounge together at the villa. Tyler is moving in on Nicole who doesn’t seem to hate it. And also, Shari and Justin hang out. Justin pulls her chair closer but Shari goes to her room alone after some small talk. Then, Wynn corners Kady outside and says he’d like a night swim and chill.  Like the one where Kady told him he could “rock her world”. Johnny lurks in the background.

Kady and Johnny head to her room on Temptation Island. Kady lies down as Johnny is ready to walk out. There’s a knock at the door and it’s none other than Wynn. He really wants that night swim. Kady agrees to go talk to him outside. He gives some sort of fatherly warning about Johnny’s intentions. Johnny finds his intervention and knocking creepy. Right now it’s all creepy fellas. You too Kady.

Next, Katheryn consults Evan about a good way to move in on a broken John. So, Evan agrees he could use some support. Katheryn and John sit poolside. He says he can’t wait to face Kady on her lies and manipulation. Katheryn says this won’t change anything. But he says he’s attracted to Katheryn and wants someone to settle down with. Clearly, Katheryn is ready to become a pawn in the game.

Evan Leaves Kaci Hanging With an Empty Box on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island host Mark Walberg advises the couples they could send 30 second video messages. Nicole is up first. She opens the wooden box to show a tablet. On the message Karl starts off that he loves and misses her. He’s disappointed that he saw her play footsie in bed with Tyler. Bur it doesn’t change how he feels about them. Nicole thought he would’ve been less judgemental. Nicole’s message to Karl is that they are surface level. But she hopes they can uncover depth. He agrees.

Next up on TI a visibly shaken Kaci Campbell opens the box to the sound of big fat emptiness. The despair echoes around the island. She is sure he will get real when he sees hers. Evan claims he’s feeling every emotion. From horny to the munchies to giddy to what the f*ck did I do! Kaci’s video is a rambling tear soaked mess about having fun and making him proud. And that he needs to make her proud and stop being the lying cheating overgrown skater boy that he is.

On Temptation Island Evan has a confessional after watching Kaci’s video. He speaks of her like a dying dog. That poor girl is suffering. I can see it in her eyes. He attempts to cry real tears. But settles on calling himself a scumbag.

Kady Thinks She’s Made a Mistake On Temptation Island

Shari is up next and sees Javen has left her a message. Then, he says he loves her more than once and tells her to keep an open mind and have fun. Shari pretty much says the same to Javen. So, she tells him she loves him “to the moon and back” which he says is her thing with him. Javen walks off smiling .

Someone who’s not smiling on Temptation Island is Kady. She cries and hesitates before opening the box. John is all devastation on the screen. He’s hurt. Nevertheless, he wonders if something he did triggered Kady. Next, she cries and admits she disrespected John and may have made a mistake.

John Complains About the Ghosting

John hopefully walks to the box and its… EMPTY. Plus, you can feel the rush of air fly out much like what’s left of John’s confidence. Then, John complains to the guys about not receiving a message. Later, Evan tries hard to disappear as he knows he pulled the same coward-a** shit on Kaci Campbell.

So, John brings up that nobody falls in love after two weeks. But then, Evan squirms and keeps saying man, oh man. Later, John asks him if he’s okay to which he replies I’m just a scumbag both ways bruh. Spot on Evan! Till next week!

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