‘Temptation Island’: Brittney Rose Plays April Fools Pregnancy Joke Implies Dad is Karl Collins

Temptation Island’s Brittney Rose sparked fan ire yesterday after a fake pregnancy April Fool’s prank. Less than a week after the TI finale, the LA yogi had fans abuzz. Brittney posted a pic of herself cradling her round belly. She thanked Temptation Island for not only “changing her life for the better, but for making me a mama”. She followed with a heart and baby emoji. Fans speculated the baby daddy was Karl Collins. Because Brittney and Karl both admitted to sleeping together on the overnight date episode, it seemed plausible.

Temptation Island: Brittney Rose Plays Preggo Prank – Fans Mad

The Temptation Island finale is still fresh on fan’s minds. The season was filled with drama on and off-screen. At the last bonfire, only one couple, Javen Butler and Shari Ligons, went home together. Evan Smith dramatically dumped long time girlfriend Kaci Campbell for Morgan Lolar. And Karl Collins and Nicole Tutewohl chose to go their separate ways. And of course John Thurmond and Kady Krambeer split.

TheTI cast all have a huge social media presence. Fans were annoyed by some, particularly Evan and Morgan. Evan’s Instagram live videos were alcohol fueled rants about Kaci and Morgan. Plus, Morgan lurking in the background gave away what happened even before the season ended. The show might have ended, but the social media wars have picked up steam between contestants and fans.

Temptation Island fans were stunned to see an Instagram post of what appeared to be a pregnant Brittney Rose cradling her belly. Then, Brittney thanked the show for making her a mama. Also, Brittney’s emoji choices led people to believe the baby was Karl’s. After all, the two connected and slept together towards the end of the season on the overnight date episode. The post made several fans angry. Comments ranged from congrats to those calling Brittney insensitive and thirsty for attention.

April Fools – Britt Reveals It’s Only a Food Baby

TI fans continued speculating on the pregnancy. Brittney revealed in an Instagram story post that it was indeed an April Fool’s joke – it was only a food baby. Certainly this brought another flood of reactions. Karl never responded to the prank. Brittney certainly seems to be living her best life in LA. But the backlash continues on social media over what some consider a very tasteless prank.

Temptation Island fans certainly enjoy keeping up with the cast on social media. Fans are still angry at Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar. Kaci Cambell and John Thurmond regularly interact with fans on Twitter and Facebook. On the upside, USA revealed that TI will be back with an all new season two. The new season which will film later this year will include a reunion special. Mark L Walberg will return as host.

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