‘Temptation Island’: Ashley Howland Talks About Ben Knobloch – Seems Over Casey Starchak

On Temptation Island, girlfriend Ashley Howland feared the worst from her boyfriend Casey Starchak. She called him a frat boy and cried that he wouldn’t be able to resist temptation. In a shocking twist it is actually Ashley who cheats on Casey. Ashley watched a clip of Casey at last week’s bonfire. In it he casually tells single Medinah Ali that he’d be okay if Ashley broke up with him. A devastated Ashley takes things further with Ben Knobloch as a result. You can catch the show Thursdays at 10 PM on USA network.

Temptation Island Update: Ashley Howland Takes Things With Ben Knobloch A Step Further

After last week’s Temptation Island, bonfire Ashley Howland declared she was done crying over “this f*cking guy” (Casey Starchak). The two came to the island to test their commitment. Ashley isn’t comfortable with Casey’s party boy past and that he stays friends with his exes. Casey admits he enjoys the single life, but is committed to Ashley. Casey Starchak had a talk with Medinah Ali in the hot tub about his relationship.

In the hot tub, Casey Starchak said it would be okay if his girlfriend Ashley wanted to break up. He said that he could go back to the single life with no problems. Casey later blamed production and editing for taking his words out of context. He claims that in the clip his mouth doesn’t line up with the words he was saying. However, Ashley believed the words and says she feels played in the relationship. On Temptation Island, Ashley Howland has connected with single Ben Knobloch.

Temptation Island: The Cheating Begins

Ashley Howland asks Ben Knobloch on another date after seeing the clip of Casey Starchak at bonfire. She tells Ben about the clip. Ben says maybe Casey didn’t come to Temptation Island for the right reasons. He comforts Ashley and then the two share a passionate kiss. She returns to the girl’s villa and grabs Kate Griffith for some girl talk. She tells her about the kiss and says she’s never been kissed like that. And she’s excited about moving forward with Ben. Ashley later invites Ben into her bed.


Ashley Howland Goes Live On Instagram With Ben Knobloch After The Show

On Thursday’s Temptation Island episode Casey Starchak is alone in the hot tub while another wild night rages in the guy’s villa. He is on good behavior and talks about the others cast members doing it everywhere but in the kitchen. He has a connection with single Rachel Hamel and took her on a second date. But things didn’t get physical. Single Payton Burgess has made no secret of the fact that she’s into Casey. But Casey remained faithful, he told her he has a girlfriend.

On Temptation Island it’s time for the guy’s bonfire. Casey sees a clip of Ashley kissing Ben. And also inviting him into her bed where the two are definitely getting physical. Of course the camera’s stop before he can see just how far it goes. Casey is clearly upset and pounds angrily on his seat. The other guys aren’t sure how to console him. But it certainly looks as though Ashley Howland is moving on with Ben.

Ashley took to Instagram live right after the show aired. She was giddy about Ben and laughing. Ben Knobloch and buddy Deac Conti join in and joke around. Ashley’s attitude with Ben leads fans to think they end up together. And Ben and Deac later put up Instagram stories mocking Casey’s reaction at the bonfire.  Casey Starchak vows to get her back and fix the relationship in next week’s preview. Temptation Island airs Thursdays on the USA network.

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