‘Teen Mom OG’: Gary Shirley’s Big Mother’s Day Plan Wrecked by Family COVID Diagnosis

Teen Mom OG’s Gary Shirley‘s mom had to deal with extra social distancing this Mother’s Day thanks to. Gary said that his mom, Carol Zizak, was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week and made this Mother’s Day a little hard for him.

Teen Mom OG: Gary Shirley’s Creative Mother’s Day Celebration

Due to the diagnosis, the Teen Mom star had to get a bit creative when it came to celebrating his mom. He dropped off brunch for his mother Carol in the morning on her porch. He wished her a Happy Mother’s Day while he prayed for her outside of her home.

Kristina and Gary Shirley made a little bit of everything so his mom and her partner can choose what they wanted to eat. They cooked some bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, pancakes and a delicious pie.

Dropping food off for his mom is not new to Gary Shirley. He and his wife Kristina have been dropping off food for her so that she could focus on getting some rest.

Teen Mom OG: Gary Shirley

Gary Is Missing His Mom

The Teen Mom dad shared on social media that he has not hugged his mom in about three months. She also has not been at his home for about the same amount of time. He added that this has been extremely hard for all of his family.

He was aware that her job was exposing her to the virus and was worried that she would contract it also. Gary Shirley’s mother was working in an assisted living facility where the coronavirus exposure is higher.

Amber Portwood’s ex, Gary also shared with fans that his youngest daughter that we sometimes see on Teen mom episodes has an immunodeficiency disorder. Because of this disorder, she is prone to getting sick easily. Gary and his family have not taken quarantine like a joke. Instead, they have stayed home and when they have gone out to the store, the kids stay behind.

Gary’s mom lives with her partner Jody and it looks like he now has the symptoms of COVID-19 as well. Jody is not a confirmed case yet because he has not had the test done. He simply is having all of the symptoms at this point.

Support From Teen Mom Fans

Gary Shirley’s fans have been sending the Teen Mom cast member a lot of love after he shared the news. They have been commenting with positivity and sending positive thoughts for him and his family.

This global pandemic has shown to affect many people and poor Gary had it hit home after his Mother’s diagnosis. Even though we have witnessed a rocky relationship over the years during different Teen Mom recent episodes, he still cares.

Let’s all join together and also send Gary some positivity and love during these scary times.

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