‘Teen Mom 2’ Renewed But Fate Of Jenelle Evans Resembles Her Sinking House

Jenelle Evans has a lot going on for her right now, but most of it comes from the stuff nightmares are made of. The word is out that Teen Mom 2 has been renewed, according to the Hollywood Gossip, but the show may go on without the drama of Jenelle Evans inside her sinking house.

Yes, that’s right, as a Teen Mom 2  fan you have to know by now that Jenelle and her husband’s home is sinking, which may be the fate of Jenelle’s career on this reality show… sunk. So what’s up with this teen mom, who at 26 is closer to 30 than she is to a teenager?

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Stars Are Far From Teens Today

To someone who has never seen this reality show, it might look a bit odd that these women, all in their mid-twenties, star in a show that is titled Teen Moms. That’s right, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska and of course Jenelle Evans all started out on the show, 16 and Pregnant, as teen mom’s to be.

The four women were introduced to the viewers in the second season of that show back in 2010. The next year Teen Mom 2 was born along with a bunch of drama coming from the trials and tribulations of these teen mothers and their seemingly endless list of significant others.

Apparently, the viewers are still infatuated with this crew because the ratings must be strong enough to bring them back for another season.


One ‘Teen Mom’ is a Hold Out For Season 9

The cameras are set to once again invade the home of all but one of these ladies, as reports indicate three out of the four women have re-upped for yet another season of  Teen Mom 2. So far it looks as if Jenelle is holding out and that might have to do with her husband David getting the boot from the show.

Monsters & Critics reports that Jenelle is refusing to sign the contract for season 9 of Teen Moms 2 until her demands are met, and just what would those demands be? The media site sums it up by reporting that Jenelle has decided to “stand by her man”  despite her decision possibly costing her everything.

Jenelle’s Demands Center On Her Man

She is the only holdout among the Teen Mom 2 stars when it comes to signing the contract. With David Eason fired from the MTV reality show due to the homophobic tweets he posted a while back, he has become a problem. He lives in the house with Jenelle and to keep him off camera is close to an impossibility.

Jenelle wants accommodations made for her husband which is basically she wants him around… period. She did hop on Twitter to let her fans know that she not only “stands by her man,” but she is standing by and that includes his opinions as well.


Impossible Feat

With David fired and Jenelle wanting him to stay put in the house as the filming continues, it is almost an impossible feat.  Jenelle refuses to make the man she married leave their home just so the MTV cameras can film the show. She is also hoping against hope that his travel accommodations will be paid for as well as his lodging when he accompanies her to the reunion shows.

While MTV was exercising their prerogative when firing David and many people back them on their decision, he still is Jenelle’s husband, which means they are a couple. She is really stuck between a rock and a hard place. It has to be hard for her to ask her husband to stay away while MTV is filming.


Throw Away a Career… Really?

She is young, with three kids of her own, along with a sinking house and problems with the department of children’s services. She just recently had the police at the door to do a well-check on her kids. It is still a mystery as to who made that call and why, but this is not the first time her kids’ welfare has been questioned.

She’s young with a brood of little kids, so this is might not be the time to throw away the kind of money she can make for her family. With that said, there are things much more important than money and if the Teen Mom 2 filming is disrupting her home life to the point it is unbearable, it may be time to jump off the reality show circus.

In a Nutshell…

When it boils down to it, she is a young woman who has made herself a small fortune with this reality series. According to another article by Monsters & Critics, Jenelle is believed to rake in about $300,ooo per season for Teen Mom 2, which is about the same as her co-stars.  They also suggest that David Eason isn’t known to have a salary from anywhere.

While Jenelle has always kept quiet about her income, the other girls on the show make money in that neighborhood, so it is a good guesstimate that she does as well. What will these two live on if Jenelle lets Teen Mom 2 go? While it is all well and fine to stand by your convictions, what will happen down the line when the money runs out and the kids are hungry?

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