‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Didn’t Answer Questions at Q&A – Fans Confused

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry irritated fans on December 30 when she announced a Q&A but came up with no answers. Well, not at the time anyway, though she did post up some rather arbitrary answers later to a few questions. However, for the time being, her fans seem a bit confused as it took a long time to answer and none showed up on her original feed.

Teen Mom – Kailyn Lowry Twitter Post

Kailyn took to her Twitter account and invited her Teen Mom followers to send in questions. Her tweet said, “Q & A… go.”  Immediately, fans started to ask questions. However, hundreds of questions later, fans asked how come the answers failed to arrive. Most of the questions came across as genuinely interested in various facets of her life. For once, the trolls stayed away but not answering after calling for questions could mean their reappearance soon.

A few hours after posting the Q&A, in a separate tweet, Teen Mom 2‘s Kailyn wrote, “I had a super rough day the other day (I should just stay off social media, lol) but most days I do my best to brush it off”. That answered one follower of the Teen Mom star. In the original question and answer session, one person asked, “How are you mentally? People are so mean to you. Idk how you get through it”.

Fans Confused – Kailyn Answers In Her Feed

The fact that Kailyn’s answers never showed up in the original Q&A feed had some Teen Mom 2 followers angry at her. However, to give her credit she did answer a few. Nevertheless, to see the answers, followers needed to navigate outside of the Q&A session and go and look at her main account page. The few questions answered include:

  • “Don’t be fooled by social media & tv. I work hard but my house isn’t always clean. I forget a lot of sh*t & I’m probably wearing the same jeans for 3 days.” This was in answer to @tessaraebrewer, who asked, “How do you get energy to work, take care of your kids, keep your house clean, always look amazing, etc?”
  • “I’ll never tell. In case I ever have the chance.” This answered another question that asked, “If you had a baby girl what would be her first and middle name?”
  • “Still decided whether to keep my Mexico trip next week or not,” came in answer to @Sstephanieee_. They asked, “Where are you going on vacation next?”
  • “No day is the same for me. I work from home if I have the boys & travel for work if I don’t have them.” said Kail. That answered, “What are your days full of? Like do you work or stay home with the boys?”

Frustrated Teen Mom 2 Fans Complain About Lack of Answers

The confusion over the Q&A saw some irritated comments by Teen Mom 2 viewers. “Q&A and you don’t answer anything,” said one follower. “How tha hell this a Q & A & you ain’t answering sh*t,” said another. Yet another irked fan posted, “How you gonna say q&a and not even answer?”

What do you think of the way Kailyn Lowry handled her Q&A?

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