‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans: Andrew Lewis Wants Jace Visitation – Fans Suspect MTV Manipulation

Teen Mom 2 comes back on MTV next Monday and ahead of that, Jenelle Evans posted the preview of the Andrew Lewis scenario on her Instagram. It seems we may see more of her than we expected. The other MTV previews didn’t show much of her at all, and fair enough.

We know the crew has issues with filming in the home, plus Jenelle Evans said herself that her role would not be as extensive as in the past. The clip she posted involves Andrew Lewis and his wanting to meet Jace. That immediately sparked a lot of interest and opinions on her social media.

‘Teen Mom 2′ fans suspicions MTV’s behind Andrew Lewis’ reappearance

For a start, many Teen Mom 2 followers almost forgot Andrew Lewis existed. He’s been away from the show and out of sight for a very long time – going on nine years. Guaranteed, this was an MTV idea to bring him back and spice up the drama, fans believe. Plus, fans became suspicious when Andrew reached out to Kristen of MTV rather than to Jenelle direct over demands to see Jace, with certain conditions. @oeszman is not alone in thinking that “the mtv producers are the biggest instigators I’ve seen.”

While some followers say that Jenelle should tell Andrew Lewis he cannot meet Jace, one follower on Instagram pointed out the reason why he never asked Barb or Jenelle. Of course, It’s “TV time,” so Jenelle really can’t say “no.” This odd angle and out of the blue request by Andrew already makes this an interesting Teen Mom 2 series. In fact, Andrew was in China and away for so long, he may get a bit of a shock when and if he does meet Jenelle. After all, she is not the fresh-faced teen who believed him when he said, “We’re never gonna split up,” nine years ago.

Andrew Lewis could spice up an old story via his son Jace

Followers of Teen Mom 2 often criticize Jenelle Evans for stirring up the drama, but obviously, some of it is manipulated or partly scripted for the ratings. Fans certainly found it weird that he suddenly wants to see Jace. In fact, so did Jenelle, who heard the news from Kristen. His message via Kristen was, “I’m back in New York. Are you down to bring Jace to me in New York City, and Barbara and Jenelle. I just can’t travel because of work. I would love to see Jace.”

Jenelle Evans certainly looked like she had no plans to tap-dance with joy at the idea of meeting with Andrew. Nor do her fans, judging by their comments. Here’s what a few Teen Mom fans had to say:

  • @jjaw9: “I wonder what his real intentions are. You know it has nothing to do with being a father after all this time.”
  • @zoe.rivers: “Omg what a cheek turn up 9 years later and want to see your child. What about the years you missed, and expect them to travel to him.”
  • @jayherxo: “wowwwwwwww way to throw a curve ball I was so not expecting this!!!!”

Jenelle Evans faces more drama in the new season

While Jenelle Evans failed to throw a drama in the preview, no doubt Andrews Lewis comes with a lot more stress to add to the Nathan custody hearing. Fans root for Jenelle though and can’t wait to see her on Teen Mom 2 again. Many of them noted how this interesting development makes them want to watch it all play out. Mind you, a hint at this all came in the Jenelle Evans’ Teen Mom 2 special, The Ex Files in 2017. Back then, Andrew hinted he wanted to spend more time with Jace.

What do you think of Andrew Lewis suddenly turning up in Jenelle Evan’s life and wanting to see Jace? Do you think MTV could be manipulating the drama?

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