‘Teen Mom 2’: Chelsea DeBoer Fans Don’t Like Disappearing Act

Drama drives the Teen Mom 2 bus and drama was what got many of the fans hooked on this show. With that said, Teen Mom 2 fans are up in arms over the disappearing act they’ve witnessed when it comes to Chelsea DeBoer.

When the 26-year-old Chelsea was an actual teenager on Teen Mom she could spin the drama along with the best of them. Something happened to Chelsea that her fans feel is keeping her from getting the airtime she deserves. This Teen Mom 2 grew up.

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Inflatable race this morning! #TEAMLosingRandy @coledeboer @paparandlicious

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans See the Writing on the Wall

Cafe Mom asks if Chelsea DeBoer is “slowly being phased off of Teen Mom 2?” This question emerged after fans of the show took to the social media sites to make their complaints and assumptions.

It seems Chelsea’s time is minimal on the screen these days. Since this Teen Mom 2 star is a fan-favorite, folks are missing her.

Fans surmise that since Chelsea has grown out of all the drama, she’s not much use to ratings anymore. Some are even asking for a spin-off show all about Chelsea and her family, like the tweet above.

Is ‘Teen Mom 2’ Promoting Drama Among the Cast?

Besides the fans missing the mom of two and soon to be three, they want her back on the screen for more than just a flash. Fans believe that Chelsea’s “drama-free life” is at the root of this disappearing act.

The drama on the show today is centered on Javi Marroquin, Kailyn Lowry, and Briana DeJesus. But, as Cafe Mom suggests, “we need a little normalcy and emotional health to break up the crazy.” Chelsea is that breath of fresh air.

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Watson’s first birthday party! 🎉🎂

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Chelsea’s Ex Backs Off and So Do the Cameras

With Cole DeBoer as her husband, Chelsea’s home life has been stable, loving, and drama-free. It seems that since her ex Adam Lund has backed off so have the Teen Mom 2 cameras.

Chelsea recently tweeted about the drama taking over the show’s plot of being a mom, which is what the show was once about. Fans hopped on Twitter to agree with her.

Chelsea’s dad recently estimated that his daughter only gets about 30-seconds of screen time per episode. He is seen with Chelsea in the tweet above.

A ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Who Grew Up

Fans of the show have expressed that even Javi gets “more screen time than Chelsea.” The odd part about that is he isn’t even a Teen Mom. A drama-rich boyfriend has more face-time on the screen.

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Fans are buzzing about the lack of Chelsea on the screen today and they want Teen Mom 2 to give her more time on the air. Most people get rewarded in life for good behavior but it seems where Chelsea is concerned, that’s not the case. She appears to be getting phased out from the show. Or at least that is how her fans see it today.

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