‘Teen Mom 2’ Cameras Not Filming Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2 cameras have not had Jenelle Evans in their scope over the last few weeks for the upcoming season 9. Reports recently popped up that Jenelle has made stringent contract demands that MTV won’t meet. Now it looks like Jenelle may have abided by her husband David Eason’s reported requests.

According to Hollywood Gossip, Eason has told Jenelle to quit Teen Mom 2 or he is quitting her. The fans of Teen Mom 2 took to the social media sites after a tweet Jenelle recently sent out. It was a tweet complaining about her mother but fans got more out of this tweet than Jenelle’s angst towards her mom.

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Teen Mom 2 Fans See Cryptic Message In Jenelle Evans’ Tweet

The 26-year-old Teen Mom took the opportunity to not only bash her mom but reprimand the fans in this tweet. She told the fans that they have no idea what has gone on in her life. She also said how she had been making progress with her mother-daughter relationship with Barbara.

When revealing that progress, she also said that this occurred over “these past 2 weeks that hasn’t been filmed at all”. Then she slammed the fans by saying “Stop thinking you guys know every aspect of my life.”

Two Weeks, No Cameras

What the fans were most interested in was the cameras not filming Jenelle “at all” over the past two weeks. According to Pop Culture, this appeared to be Jenelle hinting that she is not involved in the upcoming season 9.

Some media sites even went as far as suggesting that Jenelle’s tweet confirmed she’s not filming season 9. Jenelle did confirm the cameras haven’t been filming her over the past two weeks. But this could mean something else. Her words might have been misconstrued a bit. As this could be nothing more than a break from the Teen Mom 2 filming that all the cast is enjoying.


Could Teen Mom 2 Just Be on a Break?

There’s no indication that season 9 has started filming yet, so it could be that the cameras aren’t following any of the Teen Mom 2 cast members. Jenelle’s ambiguity about signing the contract could bring fans to the assumption she quit. Couple that with the reports over Eason demanding his wife quit, you can see why folks may be jumping to conclusions.

So the Teen Mom 2 cameras aren’t following Jenelle Evans, which is what she stated in the tweet. The reason she’s not filming right now has not been divulged. It could be that season 9 isn’t filming yet. All the other teen moms signed on for season 9 with Jenelle reported as the only holdout. Only time will tell what fate holds for Jenelle and her Teen Mom 2 contract.

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