‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Waldrop Six Trash the House – Courtney Can’t Handle the Chaos?

The Sweet Home Sextuplets six Waldrop children recently trashed their newly remodeled home. And Courtney can’t handle the cleanup. Is lockdown with that many kids simply unmanageable? So, take a look at the wreckage their six little ones wreaked on their home.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Playroom Disaster

Courtney Waldrop recently posted a picture of the Sweet Home Sextuplets kids drawing at their table in the playroom. So, it looked like they had just settled down to do some artwork after trashing the place. The picture showed the floor covered with toys, books, and stuffed animals. You could barely see the floor in the room anymore. But then Courtney said that this was only, “a small part of it.” She said the rest of the house looked the same.

The Sweet Home Sextuplets six are now three years old. And so Courtney Waldrop said that they can, “do some damage quick.” Viewers knew that most toddlers can be a handful on their own, let alone with six of them running around. And their three older brothers said on the show that they don’t like to keep their bedrooms neat or help pick up either. So it’s no wonder that the house is well lived in and a mess.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Waldrop Children

Courtney Waldrop Gives Up

With nine children running around the house, the Sweet Home Sextuplets mom said she gave up on cleaning. At least in the sextuplets’ playroom. And she said, “I’ve convinced myself there’s no point to pick it up.” With toddlers on the loose, she said it’ll just be a mess again in a few minutes. Meanwhile, Courtney Waldrop didn’t want to waste her time picking up after them.

Fans commented that the toddler phase goes by too fast. And that Courtney should cherish the time with her Sweet Home Sextuplets babies, while they are still young. Instead of worrying about cleaning, Courtney Waldrop enjoyed playing with the toddlers. And said that it’ll be clean one day. But right now that’s not what’s most important. The toddlers needed space to play and practice their motor skills. And anything that grabbed their attention for a period of time was a blessing. Keeping all the Sweet Home Sextuplets offspring occupied all day was a challenge.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Waldrop Children

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Waldrop Children Growing Up

Now, the Sweet Home Sextuplets six turned three years old. And they’re getting into all kinds of trouble. But they’re also really growing up. So, Courtney Waldrop said they are always on the go, running and playing. And she admitted they get into everything. She also said they’re all starting to talk a lot now. And that they string whole sentences together now.

But when the last season of Sweet Home Sextuplets aired, Courtney Waldrop was worried about the kids’ development. Since the six were premature, they were behind most babies their age. Mom Courtney even had them evaluated, to see where they stood. She has worked with the sextuplets and provided them with activities that would help strengthen their motor and other skills.

And it seems like her efforts weren’t in vain. The sextuplets are growing up and have almost caught up to their peers, as far as development. Now, Courtney Waldrop says that she’s so grateful to have six happy, healthy toddlers.

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