‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Little Blu Waldrop on High Alert – Dad’s Watching

Sweet Home SextupletsBlu Waldrop is known to get into a pickle every once in a while. But this time, he is on high alert because his dad, Eric Waldrop, is watching.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Blu Waldrop Turns Three

Courtney Waldrop and Eric Waldrop celebrated Blu and his brothers and sisters turning three. Fans said they couldn’t believe the Sweet Home Sextuplets kids were already to this milestone. And in such a short time, Blu and his sibling have been through so much.

Viewers sent many warm wishes to the family. Courtney said that the birthday wishes meant the world to them. And that it was great that their six little ones had so much love from all around the world.

Sweet Home Sextuplet fans said the kiddos look adorable in their birthday outfits. And some said they couldn’t believe they got them all to hold still for a picture. But Courtney Waldrop did point out something funny about Blu Waldrop.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Blu Waldrop

Blu On His Best Behavior

Sweet Home Sextuplets brother Blu stood still as a stick during the photo. Blu Waldrop made a little bit of a funny face, too. Apparently, Eric fussed at him and said, “Blu, stand still,” so he stopped in his tracks for the photo.

Fans laughed about the adorable photo. People are used to Blu getting into trouble and remember him doing things like cutting his sister’s hair. Not only that, but he also took cereal out and knocked it on the floor.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans said it was adorable to see TLC’s Blu Waldrop doing his best to be good. As the kids grow, their unique personalities continue to develop. And watchers think Blu will continue to be a little mischievous.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Blu Waldrop

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Living in Their Dream House

When Blu and his Sweet Home Sextuplets siblings came into the world, they didn’t get to go home right away. And very soon, Courtney and Eric Waldrop realized that the house was too small for their big family. They thought they might have four of five children, but they didn’t plan on nine kids.

When the kids came home, the parents decided they needed to remodel the house. During that time, they lived in a mobile home for around 7 months. They couldn’t live in the house for a while because of spiders, so that added some complications to the process.

Viewers said they didn’t know how the couple handled life in a small mobile home. Blu and his siblings did well, but the space was small. Now Blu Waldrop and his family are back in their home, but they did upgrades beautifully and functionally.

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