‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: How Much Do the Waldrops Get Paid?

Sweet Home Sextuplets stars Courtney Waldrop and Eric Waldrop talk a lot about their financial struggles on the show. But viewers wondered how much do the Waldrops actually get paid?

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Courtney and Eric Waldrop’s Financial Struggle

The hit reality series, Sweet Home Sextuplets, followed the Waldrop family from shortly after they found out they were having sextuplets. Viewers watched the end of Courtney Waldrop’s pregnancy. And they saw the sextuplets’ birth. Fans fell in love with all eleven members and watched as the Waldrop’s struggled to handle all that six babies added to their already hectic life.

The Sweet Home Sextuplets parents often discussed their money issues. And how they were going to make ends meet. With eleven mouths to feed and Courtney out of a job, times were tough. But the show came as a blessing for the couple. While it’s unknown how much the Waldrop’s actually get from it, the salary they received from it has definitely helped. So how much is a likely payout?

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Eric Waldrop - Courtney Waldrop

Eric & Courtney Waldrop’s Careers

Eric and Courtney Waldrop had successful jobs before the Sweet Home Sextuplets babies came along. Courtney Waldrop was a school teacher before her latest pregnancy. And she loved her job. While she made a modest income, Courtney’s job provided the health insurance coverage for the family of five.

Eric Waldrop started his landscape company right out of college. With his partner, Jeremy Robinson, Eric designs and maintains landscapes. And the work seemed pretty consistent. Also, during the first season of Sweet Home Sextuplets, Eric Waldrop managed 100 sheep on their farm. Which definitely added to the pair’s financials. But, they chose to sell the sheep after the babies were born. So they could buy a passenger van.

Then, the Sweet Home Sextuplets crew invested in cattle. Which Eric talked Courtney Waldrop into getting. Eric told her that the cattle would bring in more money and help them out in the long run. Especially with so many kids to put through college.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Waldrop Family

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Reality Pay

While it’s impossible to know how much the Sweet Home Sextuplets brood gets for the series, it’s likely a lot. Shows like Married at First Sight net the stars around $25,000 per season. And others, like the Duggars’ Counting On, make the participants $25,000 per episode.

And reality TV producer, Terence Michael, said that reality stars usually make about ten percent of the series’ budget. So, they could be making quite a bit more than that for their part of the show. These types of entertainment usually budget between $100,000 and $500,000 per episode. Which definitely adds up to a lot of money for the featured family.

After the second season of the show, the Waldrop’s were reported to be worth around $2 million. And with the third season in full swing, the Waldrop clan’s financials are getting better and better. For a family that size, every cent counts. And Courtney and her husband are grateful for the help.

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