‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Courtney Waldrop Takes Kids to Therapy

Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop recently took the six toddlers to therapy. The sextuplets were born premature and have some issues related to that. And now she is able to take them to therapy and get them the help they need to catch up.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: New Therapy for the Waldrop Six

Before the pandemic halted filming of Sweet Home Sextuplets, Courtney Waldrop took the toddlers in to be evaluated. The sextuplets were born early and they had some developmental delays because of that. Plus, with so many babies, it was hard for Courtney to work with all of them. And help them to progress as much as they could. Courtney had friends come over to work with the six on different exercises and activities that the doctor recommended.

But on one of that last episodes that aired, the Sweet Home Sextuplets kids were still behind. And viewers saw that four out of the six sextuplets qualified for speech therapy. And Courtney Waldrop said that they’ve been going to that and improving. Since then, Courtney said that all six of the children started occupational therapy as well. And posted a picture of them getting ready to head out to a session. This is something that viewers watched Courtney worry about. So fans think it’s great that the toddlers are getting some professional help.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Waldrop Children

Courtney Waldrop Worried That Her Kids Are Behind

One of the things that Courtney Waldrop talked about during Sweet Home Sextuplets was the challenge of taking care of nine children. And having the time and energy to encourage and support each one based on their individual needs. Viewers watched when Courtney cried because the older boys wanted her attention. She wasn’t able to go out and play with them because the sextuplets needed constant supervision.

On top of that, Courtney Waldrop couldn’t spend much time with each individual sextuplet. So it was difficult to gauge where each Sweet Home Sextuplet baby was in their development. Courtney knew that Blu liked to get into trouble and seemed to be more mobile than some of the others. But, she said it was hard to figure out where each stood, especially compared to what the older boys were like at the same age. Which is why Courtney took the six in to be evaluated in the first place.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Waldrop Children

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Fans Think Courtney Waldrop is Supermom

Fans of Sweet Home Sextuplets said that they think Courtney Waldrop is an amazing mother. Viewers watched her tackle everything thrown her way. From finding out she was pregnant with sextuplets, to taking care of nine kids. And although Courtney admitted that she was exhausted and didn’t know if she would be able to handle everything, followers saw her get through it all.

Courtney Waldrop wasn’t afraid to ask for assistance. And she had a huge support system of family and friends that were there whenever she asked. The Sweet Home Sextuplets babies never lacked for anything, other than undivided attention. So followers were even more impressed when Courtney made the time to take each child out for some one on one time. Now that Courtney is taking all six to therapy, fans said that her children are lucky to have a mom that’s willing to do whatever it takes to help them be the best they can be.

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