‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Jeremy and Kim Booted Next – Who Goes Tonight?

Survivor spoilers for Winners at War this week predict it’s either Jeremy Collins headed to Edge of Extinction or Kim Spradlin. We’ve got info from a source behind the scenes at CBS who’s leaking the boot list, and they say those two go next. So, watch tonight as there’s the fallout from last week’s epic blindside of Sophie Clarke.

Survivor Winners at War Season 40 Episode 12 – “Friendly Fire”

Tonight, the promo edits make it look like Sarah Lacina might be on the bubble for ousting from the tribe. The action shows a post-Tribal confrontation with Sarah dragging Tony Vlachos off to chew him a new one. Of course, he did blindside her and the rest of the tribe in a bold move.

Watching the last Survivor, Episode 11, it was a nail biter since Jeremy Collins refused to believe he was a target. The CBS reality show edited Jeremy as skeptical up until they rolled into tribal where things got dramatic fast. Those six fire tokens extorted from Tony didn’t even matter.

With Tony in an immunity necklace, and ready to betray, it was game on last time on Survivor. Sarah wanted Jeremy Collins out, and Kim Spradlin was in on that. But, Tony flipped the script on everyone, leaving Sophie’s torch extinguished with an idol in her pocket.

Survivor Spoilers: Jeremy Collins

Sarah Enraged at Tony – Jeremy Collins in Trouble Again – Kim Spradlin Clueless

While Jeremy now knows he’s in trouble on Survivor, Kim Spradlin’s upcoming exit could be another significant blindside. Tonight, we’ll see a lot of back and forth with Sarah and Tony, starting as they come back from Tribal Council. She’s hot because he betrayed her, but he’s insistent.

Survivor scenes show Tony confirming to Sarah he’s got an idol and still has her back. She said if she gets voted out because of his betrayal, they’re done as friends outside the game too. Watch for more of Tony lurking in his spy nest in the trees as Jeremy Collins has a chat with someone.

It looks like whatever drove Tony to keep Jeremy in the game, that sentiment doesn’t last long on Survivor. Kim Spradlin and Jeremy head over to Edge of Extinction next, says our CBS leaker. However, we aren’t going to reveal the boot order.

Survivor Spoilers: Watch for Kim & Jeremy on EOE

In promos for Survivor‘s next episode, Jeremy Collins said this part gets “really ugly.” That’s truer than he knows since he’s reportedly h. Already, Jeremy irritated many castaways when he bailed on the prior tribal using his advantage.

But, did that only buy Jeremy two more tribals of safety on Survivor? And as numbers dwindle, everyone’s potentially in trouble, but Kim Spradlin voted out seems out of left field. Could Kim be another victim of Tony’s wild schemes?

Last Survivor tribal, votes went this way. Nick Wilson, Tony, Jeremy Collins, and Michele Fitzgerald voted to blindside Sophie. Then, Sarah and Kim Spradlin voted against Michele. Meanwhile, the other votes targeted Jeremy to split the vote — Ben Driebergen, Sophie and Denise Stapley.

Tonight, watch as things fall apart in the game for either Jeremy Collins or Kim Spradlin as they’re the next two fighting their way back from the Edge of Extinction. Watch every Wednesday on CBS.

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