‘Survivor’ Secret Scene: Parvati Shallow Stashes Peanut Butter on Edge of Extinction

Survivor revealed an unaired Winners at War scene with Parvati Shallow gushing over a jar of peanut butter. But she’s remaining loyal to Ethan Zohn and also Boston Rob. So, she shared with some of the EOE group – but not all. They sit down for some yoga and Parvati lets them in on her purchase. Is it enough to give them an upper hand against the rest of the Edge of Extinction castaways?

Survivor: Winners at War – Parvati Shallow Strikes a Deal

In last week’s episode, War Is Not Pretty, Danni Boatwright and Parvati Shallow found the advantage on Edge of Extinction. It was a coin that had “safe” and “unsafe” written on either side. If you flip it and it lands on safe, then the person is safe from elimination at that Survivor tribal council.

So, Parvati sold it to Michele Fitzgerald for the big asking price of four fire tokens. Parvati Shallow wanted to buy some PB. But she wasn’t going to keep it to herself. She said she wanted to share with Danni and the rest of their group. That excluded other Survivor EOE castaways, Wendell Holland and Yul Kwon.

Everyone Freaks Out Over the PB – But No J

CBS leaked secret scenes from Survivor: Winners at War. In one of the latest, fans got to see the result of the high-cost trade. A giddy Parvati Shallow pulls the giant jar of PB out of her bag and cannot believe it. “It’s so heavy,” she says.

When she tries some, Parvati says the food was: “worth every penny”. She reveals that she wants to stay sane and strong enough to possibly make it back into the game. Then, Parvati buries it on Survivor‘s EOE island and goes off to the beach where Ethan Zohn and Rob Mariano wait.

“We got a buyer,” she tells the guys. All of them start cheering and exchanging handshakes. Parvati Shallow describes the substance and their mouths are practically watering. Survivor legend Boston Rob says he’s only got energy because he heard they’re “getting peanut butter later”.

Survivor: Will They Be Able to Copy Tyson Apostol’s Strategy?

The PB strategy worked well for Tyson Apostol, who traded his only fire token for the stuff. Then, he won the Edge of Extinction returnee competition to get him back into the Survivor game. That protein boost could’ve been what allowed him to stay a hair ahead of Rob. But will it work for Parvati Shallow or one of the others? Winners at War airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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