Are Steve and Kayla Leaving ‘Days of our Lives’?

Days of our Lives gives longtime fans a big treat reuniting Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) with Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) this week. But, will “Stayla” leave town together? Are there two more big exits coming from DOOL this week? Here’s what is ahead for Patch and Kayla on the NBC soap.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Was Kayla Brady Going to go Through With Her Wedding?

DOOL fans must wonder if Kayla Brady would marry Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) if he hadn’t called off things at the altar. Sure, Kayla genuinely likes Justin, but is he a consolation prize? Remember, the things Kayla has to say about Justin are sweet but bland. She likes his lasagna.

And Days of our Lives recaps recall this Justin-Kayla romance was a rebound by any measure. They were both grieving the loss of their soulmate. Only hers came back. So, do you think Kayla would have said “I do” to Justin despite not loving him as he wants? It sure seemed like it.

Thankfully, Days of our Lives writers didn’t let it go down like that. Justin didn’t accept being Kayla’s default choice. He knew if Steve Johnson admitted he still loved her, that she’d have packed her bags long ago. So, good for Justin. Now, the question is – what’s with “Stayla”?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) - Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans)

DOOL Spoilers: Steve Johnson Got off the Plane – Spidey Senses Tingling?

Days of our Lives spoilers remind Steve took a dangerous assignment for the spy agency to forget his Sweetness married another man. Patch didn’t seem to care if he lost himself in the mission. And Steve Johnson got on the plane – so why did he get off it again?

Upcoming Days of our Lives spoilers continue the scene of Steve shocked to find Kayla Brady at the airport. She made that big gesture, the one from romantic movies, where one lover runs through the airport after another. Of course, TSA put a wrinkle in the romance.

So, Kayla bought a ticket on Days of our Lives, to get to Steve Johnson. But by then, the plane was away from the gate. That means some sixth sense of Steve’s pushed him to unbuckle, grab his carry-on, and get off that plane. Did he know, somehow, that Kayla was there for him?

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) - Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans)

Patch & Kayla Reunion – But Will They Leave Days of our Lives Together?

Today, on Days of our Lives, we’ll see Kayla Brady confront Steve Johnson for fibbing about his feelings. He’ll come clean — then she’ll reveal she didn’t marry Justin. So, the door’s wide open for a Steve-Kayla reunion. What’s next? Will they head back to Salem, hand in hand? Nope.

Fans are asking today if Steve Johnson is leaving Days of our Lives with Kayla Brady. The answer is yes – and maybe no also. For now, Steve takes off with Kayla out of Salem. They decide to get away and figure out their feelings. There are scenes with her and Steve next week on DOOL.

They reconnect while away on Days of our Lives. We also expect them to come back to the NBC soap in new scenes back in town. But will Steve Johnson stick around long-term with Kayla Brady? Maybe. Although DOOL’s got a revolving door of characters regularly in and out – so nothing’s certain long-term.

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