Soap Shocker: Daytime Emmy Awards to Air on TV in June – See Details

Soap fans finally have some great news – and it’s all about the Daytime Emmys. For years, those Emmys were treated like a second class production and didn’t get a slot to show on regular TV for the last few years. But this year, we’re getting a prime time TV airing of the awards show. Here are all the details about the 2020 Daytime Emmy telecast you need.

A Look at Daytime Emmys and How We’ve Watched Them

The Daytime Emmys honor all daytime programming, including talk shows, game shows, and, of course, soap operas. But, it’s the Oscars of the soap opera community, as fans know. The Emmys started back in 1949. However, it wasn’t until 1972 that a daytime show was honored.

That year, both General Hospital and The Doctors earned a nom for the category of achievement in daytime drama (Note: the latter won and GH went home empty-handed). Then, in 1974, they finally set up a dedicated Emmy program for daytime achievement.

These Emmys first aired during the daytime, but in 1991, they moved to a primetime network broadcast. In 2009, the three main networks (ABC/CBS/NBC) refused to air it, and the Emmys moved to The CW. The Emmys bounced from place to place and didn’t air at all in 2014.

Then, in 2016, the Daytime Emmys dropped from TV for good. But now — brace yourselves for some hot soap awards action. The show will get a major broadcast airing this year. Keep reading to see when and where to watch to see your favorites get their well-deserved awards.

Bold and the Beautiful & Young and the Restless Are on Reruns – General Hospital Follows Soon

Right now, Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless are on classic episodes. As of Friday, General Hospital joins the ranks of the reruns. Only Days of our Lives has enough new episodes to likely ride out this hiatus since they shoot six months ahead.

With any luck, NBC might be the sole soap to avoid airing reruns or alternate programming during the lockdown. Right now, everyone’s asking when their favorite soap will resume shooting. For now, they’re all still on hiatus. Now, though, at least you can see the actors pop up on the Emmy awards.

Everyone has their favorite soap, storyline, characters, and actors. So, which of your favorites might score a win on Emmy night? Here’s the info you need.

When Will the 2020 Daytime Emmy Awards Air and When Are Nominations Announced?

Before you can give out an Emmy award, you need nominations, right? So, we can confirm nominations will come out tomorrow on CBS during The Talk. Then, you can expect the Daytime Emmy award show to air on CBS during prime time viewing hours.

But, it won’t be the glitzy, glamorous production to which we’re accustomed. Why? There’s that pesky social distance problem amid COVID concerns. Instead, it will be a hybrid production. First, that ceremony will only feature the “big” awards” — or leading categories as they call them.

These include best soap, best talk show, best game show, etc. Winners will accept their awards from home via a digital platform. So, it’ll be essentially a Zoom production. Then, winners in the non-leading categories (technical work, etc.) will reveal on Twitter.

Plus, the academy’s planning another ceremony in July. So, if you’re a fan of Days of our Lives, Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful, or General Hospital, this is a big moment. It’s fresh soap content, after all.

Stay tuned here with Soap Dirt for more details on the Daytime Emmys and to see which favorites win from Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, and Bold and the Beautiful.