‘SNL’ Videos: Kanye West Sunken Place and Hat Bullies

SNL featured Kanye West, and the 41-year-old had plenty to say about President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. During SNL, Kanye sported a red Make America Great Again or MAGA hat at the end. However, it was a hat Kanye was urged not to wear, he said.

Kanye West on SNL – MAGA hat bullies?

Kanye West claimed that he was bullied and pressured not to wear the MAGA hat backstage at SNL. West also pointed to members of the SNL audience laughing at him. “They bullied me backstage they said, ‘Don’t go out there with that hat on.’ They bullied me backstage. They bullied me,” Kanye said.

After that, Kanye spoke of being accused of being in the sunken place. It was a nod to the movie Get Out, wherein the main character is hypnotized. “You want to see the sunken place? Okay, I’ma listen to y’all now.” Kanye then took off the red MAGA hat, but quickly put it back on his head. He called it his “Superman cape,” because the MAGA hat gave him the ability to not be told what to do.

Kanye West – Ye: Follow your heart

Ye, as the artist formerly known as Kanye is now known, urged people not to be controlled. “Follow your heart and stop following your mind,” Ye said. “If you want the world to move forward, try love.” However, the unconventional third performance on SNL from Kanye featured his thoughts on President Trump.

Kanye’s support of Trump didn’t air on TV, but others caught it in videos. The SNL YouTube page doesn’t appear to have Kanye’s thoughts. Instead, Kanye sang about wanting to cry.  “Black man in America, you’re supposed to keep what you feel inside right now,” Ye crooned.

Trump’s neck to Kanye West’s mouth

After speaking about the balance of the universe, and claiming 90% of media is liberal, Kanye spoke of Trump. “But y’all be going at that man neck a lot, and I don’t think it’s actually that helpful,” Kanye said. As defined by the Urban Dictionary, “Comin’ at your neck” means to make fun of someone harshly. Perhaps in their presence.

Trump weighed in on Twitter on Sunday, saying it was “great” that Kanye wore a MAGA hat. The president claimed Kanye is “leading the charge!” Meanwhile, on SNL, Kanye received a smattering of applause as he spoke of not being “controlled by monolithic thought.”

West replaced Ariana Grande, gets millions of views

As Kanye took over for the slot Ariana Grande was supposed to fill, he gained millions of views in the process. As seen in the above video snippets from Twitter, the videos of Kanye have gained more than one million views within hours of SNL’s airing.

Kanye said that folks ask him, “How could you support Trump? He’s racist.” In reply, Kanye claimed that he would’ve left America long ago if racism worried him.

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