‘sMothered’ on TLC Spoilers: Mom-Daughter Lip Fillers – One Set Blows Up Too Large

sMothered on TLC highlights the mother-daughter-team of Sandra McCovy and Mariah McCovy in Sunday night’s episode as they join forces embarking on duo lip injections. It’s Mariah’s birthday and she’s turning 21. So for her gift, she gets lip fillers and a night on the town clubbing.

On sMothered, both Sandra and her daughter Mariah, deciding to get the lip injections before a night out clubbing didn’t work out so well. It looks like mom’s lips puffed up within the desired range. But the birthday girl could hardly move her mouth to speak from the numbness and her lips became too enlarged as well.

TLC’s sMothered: Sandra McCovy & Mariah McCovy Pucker Up

Sandra’s long-time and very close friend, Jenn, accompanied the mother and daughter to their procedure. Afterwards, they planned to go clubbing on sMothered. This is something Sandra likes to do at 44 with her daughter who is now 21. Jenn is dead against both Sandra and daughter Mariah McCovy getting lip fillers. On sMothered, Jenn yells at her friend that her daughter is beautiful and doesn’t need any help in that department.

Once Jenn gets a look at Mariah’s lips, the shock on her face says it all. Mariah McCovy tries to form her words but they’re just not coming out too smoothly. But from what the sMothered promo video shows next, it doesn’t look as if this stops the three women from going to a club, overly swollen lips and all.

Strange Family Dynamics

Homelife for Sandra and her young daughter Mariah is a bit different as Sandra’s ex-husband and the father of her children lives with them. He is Adrian “Adee” McCovy and is a headlining comedian who appears often in Vegas. TLC viewers got to see him on last week’s Smothered. Sandra has two daughters, the younger girl’s name is Chanel McCovy. She’s not all on board with her mom and sister’s behavior.

Dad Adrian McCovy isn’t thrilled about some of the racy outfits Mariah and mother Sandra wear for their clubbing nights out. The sMothered mother-daughter duo tried on a couple of these outfits and held an impromptu fashion show for Adam and Chanel. When Adam saw his daughter Mariah’s outfit along with his ex-wife’s get-up he told them they looked way too racy. He had some other names to call them as well, like “Ghetto Mermaids”. But the mother-daughter team didn’t seem to care.

sMothered: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Mariah and Sandra join this new show, sMothered, as one of the several mother-daughter duos who seem to suffer from boundary issues. But Sandra and mama Mariah are like two peas in a pod, or so they say. Both had breast implants done at the same time so the lip injections are like nothing to these two. A couple of needle pricks from a syringe in the doctor’s office was all this enhancement took.

Mariah McCovy’s lips looked frozen in a pucker by the end of this latest enhancement adventure. And after Jenn begged them not to do it, she was mortified at the outcome. You’ll be seeing a lot of these two women on this first season of sMothered.  While together an awful lot, these two do have separate interests. Sandra McCovy works in real estate. Mariah McCovy works at a nightclub as well as going to college. She’s studying political science. But when they get together it’s entertaining for sure.

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