‘sMothered’ Spoilers: Sunhe Struggles to Share Angelica – New Mother-Daughter Duos Announced

sMothered stars Sunhe and her daughter Angelica return for another season. Sunhe continues to struggle with sharing Angelica with her boyfriend Jason. But, their relationship might change when the idea of marriage is brought up. In addition to three returning duos, the new season will follow three new pairs. These mommas take parenting to a whole other level when it comes to their daughters.

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sMothered Spoilers: Sunhe Battles with Sharing Daughter

Sunhe and Angelica share an unbreakable bond. However, Sunhe feels like her daughter’s partner is trying to tear them apart. She isn’t the biggest fan of Jason. Jason was previously married. Though, his divorce wasn’t final when he met Angelica. This didn’t sit well with the sMothered celeb. So, she doesn’t want Angelica to move forward with him until the divorce is official.

sMothered previews indicate that Sunhe struggles with Angelica spending more time with Jason. She says, “I feel pushed back. I don’t want to share Angelica with anyone.” Sunhe wants her child to know that she is irreplaceable. She says to Angelica, “who’s gonna take care of you like I do?”

sMothered: Sunhe - Angelica

Angelica Torn between Mom and Boyfriend

Angelica doesn’t want to upset her mother. She says that “my mom is my everything.” But, she finds herself feeling torn between Sunhe and her future fiance Jason. Jason plans on proposing to Angelica without Sunhe knowing. So, Angelica might have to figure out a way to make Jason and Sunhe happy.  Whatever decision she makes surely it won’t be an easy one to make.

sMothered sneak peeks explain that Angelica sits down and talks to Sunhe and Jason. Jason says to Sunhe, “I knew you two were close, but I find it a little odd how close you guys actually are.” Sunhe tells Jason that “it’s not going to change.” Will Jason still want to marry Angelica even if that means marrying Sunhe as well?

sMothered: Laurie - Sarah - Miguel

TLC Welcomes New sMothered Duos

Angelica and her mother Sunhe are joined by new parent-child pairs. Fans already know that Angelica and Sunhe like to use the same bathwater. But, new cast member Mary likes to shower together with her child Brittani. Mary can’t imagine living without Brittani. But, her husband believes it’s time for her to move out. Will Brittani and Mary part ways?

While sMothered alum Sunhe doesn’t want Angelica to marry Jason, new castmate Laurie is the complete opposite. She hopes Sarah will walk down the aisle sooner than later. Laurie is dealing with health issues. So, Sarah is constantly worrying about her. But, the only thing Laurie is worrying about is having a wedding.

The network also introduced Marcia and her partner in crime Alena. Marcia and Alena have a unique bond. Alena has an enzyme deficiency. So, Marcia tends to her every need. Even if that means acting like a puppy. So, Alena could have a dog that she’s always wanted.

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