‘sMothered’ Spoilers: Cher and Dawn Hubsher Return – Battles with Setting Boundaries

sMothered spoilers reveal that Cher Hubsher Gopman and her mother Dawn Hubsher return for another season. Cher just became a first-time mom. Dawn wants to be there to help her daughter navigate motherhood. Cher is happy to have her mom’s help. But, she also wants time to bond as a family of three. Will this mother-daughter duo be able to set boundaries?

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sMothered Spoilers: Cher Hubsher Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Last season of sMothered, Cher Hubsher Gopman and her husband Jared Gopman found out they were expecting. The couple welcomed a baby girl last July. Belle May Gopman was born a day before her original due date. Cher hopes to have the same bond she has with her mom Dawn Hubsher with her daughter.

After giving birth, the sMothered mom opened up about the birth of her daughter. Cher Hubsher said that her parents flew in from Florida for the weekend. While they were visiting they made her try out different superstitious rituals to induce her labor. She said that the rituals must have worked. Since she gave birth to Belle days later. Now Cher is sharing her life after birth on the new season.

sMothered: Dawn Hubsher - Jared Gopman

Dawn Hubsher Plans to Live with Daughter

Dawn Hubsher lives in Florida. But, that didn’t stop her from being there for the birth of her granddaughter. Cher Hubsher said that she and her husband wanted some alone time with their daughter. So, her parents flew back home. But, Dawn was back in New York not long after. The sMothered celeb was there to take care of Belle May Gopman while Cher and Jared went back to work. But, it seems like Dawn might be overstaying her welcome.

sMothered previews indicate that Dawn Hubsher doesn’t plan on leaving her granddaughter anytime soon. Dawn says that “now that the baby’s born I plan to stay in New York as long as I can.” Cher Hubsher’s spouse Jared Gopman doesn’t seem on board with the idea. He starts to laugh at Dawn’s comment.

sMothered Celeb Battles with Setting Boundaries with Mom

Cher Hubsher and Dawn Hubsher have a very unique relationship. Cher grew up dressing in similar clothes as her mom. Now that Belle May Gopman is born, Dawn wants to dress up as triplets. But, Cher is seemingly starting to feel like her mom might be becoming a little too overbearing. Will she be able to set up boundaries with her mom?

sMothered sneak peeks explain that Cher Hubsher Gopman and Jared Gopman want some alone time to bond with their daughter. Cher tells Dawn Hubsher, “I think we really need to have our time just three of us.” She is trying to make her mom and husband happy. But, it isn’t easy for her to please both of them. She says, “I feel caught in the middle.” Will Dawn be able to give Cher some space?

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