‘sMothered’ Meet Dawn and Cher Hubsher – Mother Daughter Duo of new TLC Show

sMothered the new TLC show debuts Sunday June 9 with Dawn Hubsher and her 28-year-old daughter, Cher Hubsher Gopman. It looks to be a promising hit for TLC.

sMothered features mothers and daughters who have extremely close relationships. They dress alike, share bath water and keep no secrets. While outsiders find it strange these duos are totally fine with their closeness. First up we meet Dawn and Cher Hubsher. They are not just mother and daughter but best friends who dress alike and more.

TLC’s Smothered Explores Extremely Close Mother Daughter Duos

sMothered is TLC’s newest reality show exploring crazy family dynamics. The show showcases mothers and daughters who share so much more than DNA.  Cher Hubsher is no stranger to reality TV. She appeared on season two of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. After that, she appeared on Exiled, a reality show set in the jungles of Panama. Cher went on to the University of Florida and is now married to her college sweetheart, Dr Jared Gopman, and living in NYC. But that certainly hasn’t changed her super tight bond with mom Dawn.

On sMothered, Mother Dawn Hubsher said her obsession with her daughter began the moment she was born. She admits that Cher grew up fast because she talked to her about everything. The pair even dressed alike. Their favorite things to do together are shop and have girl time. When Cher was in high school Dawn would let her play hooky so they could spend the day shopping. They kept it a secret from dad.

Cher Hubsher also recounts a time she had a bad dream that mama Dawn would be hurt in a car accident. On sMothered she claims she even knew the spot in front of a supermarket where it would happen. So, she called her mother, Dawn, and told her not to drive past that market. Dawn didn’t take it seriously and the very next day was hit from behind and injured. So, from then on they share any strange dreams or feelings. Dawn Hubsher describes them as “like twins”.

Dawn Hubsher & Cher Hubsher Gopman Are More Like Twins

sMothered follows mother/daughter duos who share extremely close bonds. Cher is now married to husband Jared Gopman. The pair lives in NYC. Jared is doing a plastic surgery residency. Cher Hubsher is a registered nurse. She also runs her own date coaching business called “NYC Wing Woman”.

Certainly, marriage hasn’t stopped the bond with her mom. On sMothered, husband Jared says it’s challenging at times and he feels like a third wheel.

Cher Hubsher is a part-time actress as well. She was in a movie called Inoperable and you can see the trailer below:

Clips of the new show reveal the mom and daughter even keep secrets from their husbands. Dawn Hubsher speaks in glowing terms of Cher, her daughter. She says she has a heart of gold. Of course Cher says the same of her mom. Not unusual as they claim to feel the exact same feelings. sMothered premieres Sunday June 9th at 10 pm on TLC.

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