‘Smothered’: Kathy & Cristina Back With New Moms That Raise the Cringe in Season 2

sMothered returns for a second season Sunday, May 24 on TLC with Kathy Crispino and Cristina Bertolli. There are some returning mom/daughter duos and three new ones to round out the new season. The sneak peek doesn’t disappoint. There are new cast members bathing together and someone who sniffs her grown daughter’s baby teeth. Plus, fan faves Dawn and Cher Hubsher also return from season 1. Let’s take a look at the brand new season.

Mary and Brittani Shower Together on sMothered

New cast members Mary and Brittani share everything, including showers. Mary says they’ve done this since Brittani was five. It seems that even though Brittani’s a grown woman, old habits die hard in this house — or, not at all. Brittani says when her mom washes her hair, she feels special. The two also partake in side-by-side colon cleanses. One person who isn’t feeling special is Mary’s husband, Frank. It must be tough to feel like the third wheel in your own home.

New sMothered spoilers show Frank wants stepdaughter Brittani to move out. Of course, Mary isn’t a fan of this plan and demands Frank reveal to Brittani that it was all his idea. She also hints that Frank has done her wrong and wants Brittani to know about it. Brittani seems to think Frank should be the one to move out. And she doesn’t even know the secret yet. One thing is for sure this new duo will definitely bring the cringe.

And Baby Makes Three For Dawn & Cher on twisted TLC Show

Dawn and daughter Cher Hubsher return for sMothered season 2 with a new addition, baby Belle May. Dawn is super excited and says they are now triplets. The trailer shows the trio already dressing in signature matching denim outfits. Dawn has been in New York, enjoying her time with Cher and granddaughter Belle May. Cher’s hubby Jared Gopman is a good sport. Cher says she’d like to stay in New York as long as possible. But Jared’s face shows he’s not so thrilled with that idea.

Season 1 followed Cher throughout her pregnancy. Viewers saw the moment Cher told her mom about being pregnant. And Dawn famously kept the positive pregnancy test. There was also tension as to whether Dawn would be in the delivery room when the baby was born. Early tensions aside, it looks like things are going great. Season 2 sneak peeks show Cher telling her mom the young family wants some alone time.

New Mom Laurie’s Strange Souvenirs on sMothered

Laurie and Sarah are among the newbies on season 2. The sneak peek shows Laurie sniffing Sarah’s baby teeth that she has saved. She says the teeth smell so good. Laurie also admits that when Sarah has date night, it means she’s included too. Sarah’s boyfriend goes along but wants to know when he will get some attention. It seems that he is frustrated with the situation but tries to be patient.

Laurie does want Sarah to get married soon. It seems the doting mom has health issues and wants to be around to see her daughter get married. She even gives Sarah’s boyfriend Miguel a hug in the series trailer. It’s certainly challenging at times for the significant others of this show. Although at least Laurie is in favor of Sarah staying with and marrying Miguel. Which isn’t always the case on sMothered.

Sunhe Still Doesn’t Want to Share Angelica With Anyone

Season 1 sMothered fans will surely remember Sunhe and Angelica. These two blew up the internet when it was revealed they share bathwater. But it turns out not at the same time. So they may have a run for their money in weirdest mother-daughter habits with Brittani and Mary actually showering together. Fans cringed over the tub-sharing but even more so over Sunhe’s control and possessive nature towards Angelica.

Angelica wants to live with and get married to her boyfriend Jason. Sunhe caused a rift by getting involved in Jason’s business with his ex-wife who he isn’t officially divorced from. Spoilers show Jason and Angelica out on a date. Then, Sunhe disrupts. It certainly is a struggle for Angelica, who loves her overbearing mother but seeks the freedom to live her own life with Jason. This season will show how this odd triangle plays out.

Marcia and Alena are New To sMothered

Alena is 21 and has an enzyme deficiency. While it’s understandable that her mom Marcia would be a bit overprotective, of course, it goes a bit too far. Because Alena can’t have a puppy, Marcia pretends to be a puppy. She jumps in bed with her daughter and licks her face so she can have the puppy experience. Certainly, this is one weird dynamic this new mother and daughter bring to the show.

In the season 2 sMothered teasers, the two are again doing everything together. They chase each other around the living room and share what they call “kissy-poos.” It seems Marcia also is pushing Alena to learn to drive. A driving lesson ends with Alena in tears and mom Marcia yelling at her to put the brakes on. These two will definitely bring an interesting, if not strange new relationship to season 2.

Kathy and Cristina Return For Season 2

Of course, fans will be excited to see Kathy Crispino and equally obsessed kid Cristina Bertolli return to sMothered. They live just 5 houses apart, and that’s still not close enough for mom Kathy. This pair is extra in every way, from their crazy clothes to Kathy’s rockstar hair. In the middle is Christina’s husband, Carlo. He runs a pizza shop. In season 1, there was tension between his family and Kathy over her outfit for their son’s communion.

The new season trailer shows Kathy has no intention of letting up. She loves that she can see right into her daughter’s dining room window. And convinces Christina to go with her to ambush Carlo at the gym. In spite of Christina saying it’s not a good idea. Kathy wants the family to move in with her during a remodel. But Carlo thinks it’s a bad idea. But Christina says there’s no stopping her mom.

Tune in Sunday, May 24 at 10 PM for the Season 2 premiere as Kathy Crispino and her daughter Cristina Bertolli freak out their families.ee

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