‘sMothered’: Dawn Takes Over Cher Hubsher’s Doctor Appointment

sMothered star Dawn Hubsher took over her daughter Cher Hubsher Gopman’s sonogram appointment by asking numerous questions. Cher and her husband Dr. Jared Gopman recently revealed that they are having a baby. A secret that was very hard for Cher to keep from her mother. As seen on sMothered, Cher went against her husband’s wishes and told her mom about her pregnancy before telling everyone else. Knowing that her daughter is pregnant, Dawn plans on being there for every part of the pregnancy. Therefore, the first step is for Dawn to meet Cher’s doctor, Dr. Alex S. Tepper.

sMothered – Cher Hubsher Takes Her Mom To Sonogram Appointment

Cher Hubsher and her husband Jared took Dawn Hubsher to meet their doctor on sMothered. Cher Hubsher wants her mom to be a part of her pregnancy. However, hubby Jared fears that her mom may become too involved. Therefore, Jared wants to make sure he is there for everything. It is important to him that he makes every appointment. Jared fears that if he is not there “they’ll make a decision without me.”

The sMothered couple was worried that mother Dawn may not like their doctor. Jared explained that Cher searched everywhere for a doctor that matched their values. He stated that “if Dawn doesn’t like him, I don’t know what we’re going to do.” However, Cher and Jared told Dr. Tepper that they were nervous for him to meet Dawn. They even warned him about Dawn several times.

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sMothered: Cher Hubsher Introduces The Doctor To Her Mom

Cher Hubsher introduced her mom to the doctor that will be delivering her baby. Dawn Hubsher had her concerns when finding the perfect doctor and wanted to help her daughter find one. However, Cher decided to pick a doctor on her own. She may have already chosen her doctor, but she still wanted to make sure she has her mom’s approval.

The sMothered soon-to-be-mom was nervous for her mom to meet the doctor. Every mother wants what is best for their daughter. Dawn is no different. Therefore, she took the opportunity to ask the doctor questions. Cher had no questions or concerns for Dr.Tepper. However, Dawn did not hold back and had many questions to ask.

Dawn Hubsher Asks All The Questions

Dawn Hubsher did not hesitate to ask Dr. Tepper questions. As a first time grandmother she had some concerns about her daughter’s pregnancy. The most important thing she wanted to tell Dr. Tepper was to make sure that he will be there for the delivery. Dawn started to ask so many questions that she took her phone out to make sure she didn’t forget to ask anything.

The sMothered reality star even asked if she could be in the room when the baby is being delivered. Something Jared did not seem too sure that he wanted.  Dawn admitted that even if Jared is the only one allowed in the room it will not stop her from “going in that delivery room.” She added that “nothing is going to stop me.” Dawn explained that if “Cher wants me there, I’m going to be there.”

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