‘sMothered’: Angelica and Jason Welcome Baby Girl – See Pics

sMothered stars Angelica and her counterpart Jason became parents to a baby girl last month. The couple dealt with a lot of issues in their relationship. And Angelica’s bond with her sMothered mother Sunhe made things even more complicated.

Sunhe never hesitated to share how she felt about Jason. However, it seems like the three have been able to move on from the past now that they have a little one in the picture.

sMothered: Angelica Shares Exciting News with Jason

Angelica and her partner Jason have had a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. When Angelica started dating Jason he was still married to another woman. He also still had items from his ex-girlfriend in his house. Both issues caused a lot of problems between the two. However, this sMothered season, Jason got rid of his ex-girlfriend’s stuff and made his divorce final.

The sMothered finale was a big one for Angelica and her other half Jason. Angelica shared that she had a secret she was hiding from Jason. But, before she had the chance to tell him, Jason had a surprise for her. He asked her to marry him. After the happy moment, Angelica told Jason her big secret. That the was pregnant with his child.

sMothered: Sunhe - Angelica - Jason

Angelica and Jason Introduce Daughter Amara

Angelica and her fiance Jason welcomed their newest member to their family last month. Amara Jael was born on June 10th. Angelica told fans that her mother was actually the one who came up with the name. The TLC sMothered couple supposedly didn’t want to go for a “too common” or “too unique” name. They also wanted their little one to have a name that starts with an “a” and “j.” To represent the initials of both parents’ first names.

The sMothered reality star also explained the meaning behind her daughter’s name. Amara means “eternal or shooting star” in Arabic. And Jael is a “biblical figure” who is a “warrior.” Angelica said that she wanted her daughter “to grow up to be a strong woman.”

sMothered: Sunhe - Angelica

Is the sMothered Mother-Daughter Duo Still Close?

Angelica and her mom Sunhe seem to still be very close. Despite the introduction of the newest family member. The sMothered pair seemingly still talk to each other often. Although, they may not be sharing bathwater as much these days. Since Angelica may not have time for baths when she has to care for a newborn.  As for the new grandmother, she refuses to go by “grandma.” Sunhe prefers to go by “Gamma.” And it seems like Sunhe already has a special bond with her grandbaby.

The sMothered cast member told fans that Sunhe has been a huge help when it comes to taking care of her baby. Angelica said that Sunhe is always there to check on Amara when she is crying. And that sometimes  Sunhe gets to Amara before she can. Angelica is grateful for her mom’s help. She also couldn’t “picture what it would be like now without” Sunhe being there for her. Angelica also feels like having a child brought her and her mom even closer.

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