‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Meri Brown Haunted by Catfish Scandal [Video]

Sister Wives spoilers show Kody Brown’s first wife Meri Brown revisiting her catfish ordeal. A recently released TLC promo video shows the backstory of her online cheating scandal in 2015. However, it seems the fallout from that scandal continues to plague her relationships with fellow sister wives Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown.

Plus, her marriage to Kody Brown remains fractured while they attempt to move forward. Recently it appears the first Brown couple is working on repairing their marriage. Only time will tell if the two will ever really be able to put this behind them.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Introduces Fellow Catfish Victim To Family

Sister Wives spoilers say Meri Brown invites another catfish victim Kristie to meet her husband and Sister Wives. Indeed, Meri hopes that bringing in someone who went through the same ordeal will allow her family to better understand what happened to her. The family is shown having dinner with the other victim, Kristie.

The catfisher targeted Kristie a year before Meri. And both women’s stories are eerily similar. They were drawn to the same “man” who went by the name Sam. He convinced them they were in a meaningful relationship. It took them each months to realize they were duped by a woman named Jackie Overton, who pretended to be a man.

Meri posed this question to the camera wondering: “what is the motivation? Why does she do this? I mean, is she just evil? Is she lonely? I don’t know.” To this day, neither Mei Brown nor fellow catfish casualty Kristie truly knows what motivated their catfisher.

Sister Wives – What’s Next For Kody Brown and Meri?

Fans of Sister Wives were shocked at the status of Kody and Meri’s marriage on the last Tell All special. Kody made it known that he and his first wife are no longer intimate. He further added that he had no desire for the two of them to share a bed again. Meri Brown said in that same Tell All that she wants more of a relationship with her husband but it would take effort by both to make it happen.

However, Kody and Meri Brown seem committed to marriage and family. They are in therapy working through their issues and appear to be on the right track. Meri moved with the family from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. She posted several sweet pictures of her and Kody Brown enjoying time together and on dates. That leaves us wondering if they are spending time in the bedroom again too as they seem more lovey-dovey these days.

It will certainly be interesting to see Kody Brown and the wives discuss Meri Brown’s catfishing with the other victim as Season 13 kicks off. Perhaps they can finally understand what happened so The Browns can finally heal and move forward.

Catch more TLC’s Sister Wives on the upcoming season. Sunday nights at 8:00 pm beginning January 20th.

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