‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown’s Vanishing Act – Fans Wait for Explanation in New Season

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown might not be invested in tempting fate when it comes to playing out a lifestyle on camera that’s against the law. The promos for the new season have the fourth wife of Kody Brown emotionally unhinged in a few clips they released.

Since the last Sister Wives season ended, Robyn Brown seemed to walk away from the public eye, unlike her co-wives.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown and Her Disappearing Act

So what’s up with Sister Wives‘ Robin Brown? Kody Brown’s youngest wife hasn’t posted a thing online since last season. Not to mention she stopped taking orders at My Sister Wife’s Closet, her online store. The notice claims they’re updating the store but that’s been the case since last winter.

While Robyn Brown herself didn’t post a thing, her Sister Wives co-wives did share a couple of pictures of her. During the summer Robyn Brown showed up at a parade with Christine, Janelle, and some of the Brown kids. Meri Brown didn’t appear to be there. But the Sister Wives matriarch, who is also probably Robyn Brown’s best friend, posted what looked like a throwback photo of her and Robyn. But nothing showed up from Robyn Brown herself.

Kody Brown very seldom peeks his head out on social media these days as well. But in Robyn’s case, she’s the only one out of the four Sister Wives women to go silent online. The previews for Sister Wives Season 14 appear online but they start right where the last season left off. So right now fans don’t know where the rest of the season brings the Brown family.

So why keep Robyn away from the public view? A few theories still spin online suggesting reasons Robyn Brown vanished from the virtual world. The one theory that’s been around for a while suggests she’s pregnant.

But wait… while that would make one heck of a Sister Wives storyline, it’s probably too far fetched. Why? Everyone has a camera today in their cell phone. No one has nabbed a photo of Robyn that shows this is the case. A few maybes surfaced, but there’s no proof.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

If So, There Would Be a Photo

Just think of the money shot for the lucky photographer who captures a photo of Robyn Brown in the family way. With cameras at the ready on everyone’s phones today someone would get that shot if that were the case with this Sister Wives celeb.

So unless Robyn Brown has become a total shut-in, it’s hard to believe she’s pregnant and keeping it a secret. Although when asked if another baby is in the future, she said she’s leaving it up to a higher power. So, that wasn’t a no.

What fans will see when Season 14 opens are the days immediately following the last season. It looks like Robyn Brown has a few meltdowns in the new promos released. Maybe Robyn’s reason for staying out of the public eye in between the two seasons will finally emerge.

Another theory has to do with Robyn’s son Dayton. Sister Wives enthusiasts blame Robyn for this move because Dayton started college in their new hometown area. Online comments accuse her of uprooting the entire family from Vegas to Flagstaff for her son.

It’s one thing to throw comments out there about Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown. After all, they invited the spotlight with their decision to go on national television with their Sister Wives lifestyle. So the kids became involved because of this decision made by their parents.

Maybe Robyn decided to stay under the Sister Wives radar to avoid any negativity trickling down to her son. Through the years the Sister Wives have taken some heat online for many aspects of their lifestyle.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Unwritten Rule Puts Kids Off-Limits

But one thing most people agree upon is that they’ve done a wonderful job bringing up their children. It looks as if the Sister Wives fans tend to follow an unwritten rule when posting online. That is – the kids are off-limits when it comes to anything negative.

But maybe Robyn felt the need to stay off social media to stop the rumors and shield Dayton from any snide remarks. The comments continued to rack up that placed the blame of the move on Robyn’s need to be near Dayton. So it could be Robyn didn’t want to perpetuate this theory and took herself offline so it would just blow over.

TLC revealed one of the wives was driven from their home by neighbors. So this could also play into her online disappearance. It looks like Meri caught the luck of the draw with neighbors. They blatantly told her people don’t want their polygamous family in Flagstaff.

Robyn Brown Afraid to Rock the Boat Anymore Than It’s Already Rocking?

But maybe Robyn Brown doesn’t want to rock the boat and test the limits of her neighbors. She could also be a bit leary after the police already visited Meri Brown in Flagstaff. The promos suggest the police were sent there by neighbors.

The news of that visit upset all four wives. So maybe Robyn Brown wants to stay under the radar for that reason as well. With the Sister Wives advertising their plural marriage on this series, it’s hard to hide it. But it’s possible Robyn just wants to take herself and her kids out of the limelight as much as she can.

Whatever Robyn Brown’s reason is for staying under the online Sister Wives radar, fans will probably get to see how this started in the new season. So be sure to tune in to Sister Wives when the premiere rolls out for Season 14 on TLC, Sunday night, January 5.

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