‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown TV and Movie Actress before Eyeing Kody Brown (Pics)

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown had some practice on the screen before landing her real-life role as Kody Brown’s fourth wife on the TLC series. But before appearing as herself in the Sister Wives setting, Robyn Brown had experience in front of a camera playing the roles of others, as an actress.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Not Only Actress In Kody Brown’s Clan?

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown suggested that Christine Brown makes a good actress. When the family first opened their homes to the TLC cameras, Janelle felt awkward and strange.

But Kody Brown’s second wife thought his third wife, Christine, would feel right at home. She called her the actress in the Kody Brown family in a book that the Sister Wives spouses penned a long time ago.

But it seems there really was an actress within this Sister Wives brood. Or there would be once Robyn Brown joined the family years later as Kody’s last co-wife.

While Robyn Brown stays hidden from the public today, it wasn’t always like that. When the Sister Wives first aired, fans became angry when they thought she overstepped her boundaries.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Just Shoot Me


Does Kody’s Youngest Wife Like the Limelight?

During early Sister Wives interviews, the fourth and new co-wife would often answer questions that fans thought were best left to the other wives. The three original wives made up this polygamous marriage for about 16 years before Robyn Brown arrived.

So, when Robyn would chime-in and answer questions, she ruffled some of the fans. She would especially seem to offer quite a bit of knowledge about Kody Brown. But fans thought she slighted the other wives by doing this.

After all, they’d been around a lot longer than Robyn Brown. So, unlike today, where Robyn remains unseen during the Sister Wives hiatus, she once was very active chatting up fans.

It looks like Robyn Brown’s acting career started around the year 1997, long before she married Kody Brown. So, when she met and then married Kody in 2010, she had some acting credits under her belt. While the Sister Wives show is far from the type of venue she appeared in before, it looks as if she started early in life going after the limelight.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Photo on Wall - Just Shoot Me

Sister Wives: Who Knew Robyn Was a Pro?

In 1997 Robyn Brown, whose last name was Sullivan back then, appeared in the episode “Steam” on the TV series Just Shoot Me. Robyn played the role of a model on that show. Although the show aired in 97, “Robyn Brown” appears in the credits as a guest star. So, maybe they went in and changed her name after she became well known on Sister Wives as Robyn Brown.

As you watch all the characters on the screen during this episode, Robyn didn’t seem to appear. But… if you looked up on the wall, there she was as big as day. She appears dressed in lingerie in a huge photo of a magazine cover on the wall. Screenshots of that photo appear above.

So, check it out on Season 3 Episode 2 of Just Shoot Me, as it’s available today from On Demand. Make sure to check the walls for Kody Brown’s co-wife. Once you do you can’t miss the fourth wife of Kody looking a bit different than before she joined the Brown tribe.

While Robyn also appeared in a movie, it wasn’t a big part. In 2000, She played the part of a cheerleader in the TV movie, CMT 2000 Countdown. So it seems that wife number four dabbled in acting but didn’t get much further than a photo on the wall when it comes to TV. But that all changed now that she’s part of the Sister Wives series.

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