‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Tried to Fix Her Co-Wives’ Jealousy

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown described how she became aware of the jealousy her co-wives harbored when she first entered the family. She admits that she knew her co-wives saw her as the younger wife and a threat.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Understood Why Co-Wives Felt Threatened

Robyn Brown said she became aware of how her wives worried Kody loved her more than them at one time. But Robyn said that while it felt like that to the other wives, that wasn’t the case. But, the youngest out of the four Sister Wives ladies made every attempt to rid them of their worries.

Robyn enjoyed a 10-day honeymoon with her shared husband. But she made sure that he called his other wives frequently. It wasn’t until she returned home that she learned a couple of his wives wouldn’t accept those calls. They were upset over a 10-day honeymoon, which is something they never had.

Robyn wrote in the Sister Wives book, that she can “completely understand” her co-wives being jealous of her relationship with Kody. “Our marriage is fresh and young,” she pens.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Getting to Know Kody In and Out of the Bedroom

Robyn Brown also explained why she needed those 10-days alone with Kody. Their courting stage was pretty much just hand-holding. So, once this Sister Wives couple married the relationship turned intimate.

Robyn, who came out of an abusive relationship with her first husband, said she needed that time to get to know Kody as a husband. She also said that she knew when they returned from the honeymoon they’d immediately jump into Sister Wives family life.

So, for that week and a half that made up their honeymoon, it was a chance to get to know each other in many ways.

Sister-Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: New Wife Attempts to Fix Things

From what Robyn Brown has said, she seemed to take pride in her abilities to see things from her Sister Wives perspective. But she feels they couldn’t see how she was feeling about this family.

Robyn said that Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown all shared a history. They had been together for a good decade and a half before the youngest Sister Wives came into their lives. They also had their set ways of doing things and would often dismiss Robyn’s input into family matters.

During the first year of her marriage, this new wife would listen as Kody and his other wives argued over some topic or another. Robyn Brown said she tried to show them a different way to solve their problems. She had a “safer” and calmer way to do this.  But they dismissed her attempts.

Robyn Brown writes that she was finally able to show her co-wives and Kody Brown how to work things out. They learned by her example, according to Robyn. She seems to also pride herself on this skill because she pens that her Sister Wives spouses often seek her out to mediate discussions.

She felt so left out at times. The new and youngest wife said she felt like they didn’t have room for her in the 16-year marriage they shared.

While most of the animosity seemed to grow from jealousy, Robyn said she made sure Kody validated his love for each one of his wives. Much like how she made sure he called his wives frequently while they were on their honeymoon.

The jealousy still continues, evidence of this pops up on the latest seasons.

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