‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Gets Rude Awakening – Everyone Must Pull Their Weight?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has fans wondering why she opts to take a different path than her co-wives. Finances are reportedly the number one problem for Kody Brown’s family today. This is something the Sister Wives patriarch said time and again through the seasons. After the last season closed, he claimed he’s losing sleep over it.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown, Janelle & Christine Busy Making Bucks

Each of the Sister Wives women seems to be trying to help. Meri Brown runs two lucrative businesses starting with the line of clothes she sells online. Then, of course, she owns a bed & breakfast as well — Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. She also devised a way to bring in more by selling her slightly worn clothing with a hitch.

That hitch involves where she wore the article of clothing. Either she wore it on the show, during an online sale, or in a social media post. Fans seemed to love this. Then there’s Janelle Brown, who has several irons in the fire attempting to help her Sister Wives cash-strapped family.

Along with promoting products, Janelle offers Cameo videos, which Christine Brown also does today. Christine sells clothing online too. But she also promotes so many other products that her Sister Wives followers have asked her to stop the constant marketing push in her social media feed.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

So What About Robyn Brown?

Then there’s Robyn Brown. Her online shop, My Sister Wife’s Closet, still sits dormant and has been that way for a good year and a half. The last posted sale was back in March 2019. So, from where Sister Wives fans sit, it appears the wife who owns the most expensive home may be just along for the ride.

With the other ladies visibly scrambling online to generate funds, Robyn is nowhere to be found. Meri, Janelle, and Christine do the majority of their money-generating gigs online. But Robyn Brown hasn’t said so much as “hello” on social media since the end of last season.

But more importantly, Robyn sits in a home valued at close to $1 million but doesn’t have a job as far as fans can see. From what the Brown family said in the past, the adults pool their money to pay all the bills. So, Robyn’s business isn’t generating money and the video below might explain why.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Is This Retaliation Against Robyn?

In the video, Robyn Brown heads one of the board meetings for the online closet biz and gets a rude awakening. It sounds as if Robyn lightly reprimanded the other Sister Wives spouses. But what happened next seemed to blindside Robyn Brown.

She told her co-wives and Sister Wives’ shared husband that some treat this as a hobby. She also suggests they aren’t putting enough hours into this venture. Then they lower the boom on Robyn Brown, who seems shocked.

Kody tells her he doesn’t treat this like a hobby — because he’d enjoy a hobby. He doesn’t like working with his Sister Wives and this virtual store makes him want to scream at times. Janelle seems concerned that Robyn doesn’t get it. While this online store could turn a profit, it won’t support all four households.

Because of this, Janelle needs to focus on her lucrative line of work – and so do Christine and Meri. At the time this Sister Wives episode filmed, Janelle sold real estate to bring in money. That is where she needs to concentrate, she tells the cameras.

A Sign of Support for Robyn… One Wife Not Rolling Her Eyes

Sister Wives spouse three Christine said she supports Robyn by coming to these meetings and not rolling her eyes. But Christine also focused on selling real estate back then too. It seems that Robyn Brown learned that this online shop was her contribution to the family finances.

At first, she didn’t seem to realize that and thought it was a family venture. But no, it is her job and they just offered support. It also appears this news upsets the fourth wife of the Sister Wives clan. So, her online store stayed open after this odd board meeting.

But it didn’t seem as if anyone made an aggressive effort to generate sales. So, did Robyn Brown throw in the towel in retaliation for them not helping her? With the other wives struggling with their own money-earning gigs, was it fair for Robyn to expect they shoulder the work for her shop as well?

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