‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Surfaces in New Season Promo – Doesn’t Trust Co-wife? [Video]

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown surfaces in the new 2021 season promo and it seems she had good reason to stay mum since the last season ended. Or at least it appears the youngest Sister Wives lady is struggling in this latest teaser trailer released by TLC.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Betrayed In New Season 15 Promo Video

This time around Sister Wives doesn’t focus on Meri Brown’s misery. Although it appears she’s still feeling rejected by Kody Brown. From what’s revealed in the new Season 15 promo, it’s Christine who rattles her co-wives, especially Robyn Brown.

TLC promos are notorious for their edited clips. So, veteran viewers know enough to take a step back before getting too riled up over what they see. But it’s hard to edit the snarky remarks Christine puts forth in this new season teaser trailer.

Robyn Brown does say that she “can’t trust her” and it’s assumed she’s referring to Christine. A piece of this promo video also shows Christine as she looks at Robyn and tells her they don’t have to really do anything together. It comes off as sarcastic and taunting on Christine’s part.

According to previews it appears that Robyn tells another Sister Wives spouse, “If you know she is actually trying to sabotage your [marriage] relationship with Kody, then you can’t trust her.” The assumption here is that Robyn Brown refers to Christine as the saboteur.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown New Season Promo

Who Said What and When Did They Say It?

So, it appears Robyn is talking about not trusting Christine. It also sounds as if the third Sister Wives lady is out to sabotage Robyn Brown’s marriage to their shared husband.

But at the same time, Sister Wives’ followers should probably keep in mind the liberties that TLC is famous for when it comes to editing.

The question everyone should be pondering is just where did these lines come from. They should also question if the promo took them out of context or not. The Sister Wives fans a taste of drama coming from Season 15 in this spliced together promo. After watching the video below, you might agree they achieved that drama.

Sister Wives: Snarky Remarks Fly

Since the last season ended, Kody Brown’s wives kept their Sister Wives up to date with blurbs and photos about their daily activities. All except for Robyn. It was if she fell off the face of the earth ever since the curtain went down on the last season.

After watching the new season promo above, it seems to suggest Robyn feels betrayed by someone, possibly Christine. Maybe the youngest of out Kody’s wives kept to herself during the season hiatus for a good reason. It appears as she struggled with whatever it is she is going through in this video promo. Kosy says something in the promo as well that might add insight into what’s going on.

Kody said into the camera that “romance and sex are saved for people who are in love.” So the possibility exsists that the famous nighttime schedule skips one or two of his wives. Maybe Christine Brown is feeling left out these days?

A few of the women from this plural marriage mention feeling isolated. It seems Kody stopped making the rounds due to the pandemic.

While this Sister Wives Season 15 promo video offers all types of hints for the new season, fans really do have to wait until the first episode rolls out to get the real scoop of what’s going on.  Tune in to TLC at 10 pm Sunday, February 14 for the premiere of Sister Wives Season 15.

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