‘Sister Wives’: Mykelti Brown Padron Big News Promised – Twins?

Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown Padron pops up more these days as the new season promises to feature Mykelti and her husband, Tony Padron. This couple already offered up their baby news, along with the gender reveal. So, the fans know the young couple expects a girl as their bundle of Sister Wives joy.

Now it seems this latest surprise that Mykelti hints at leaves the fans anxiously waiting. But some viewers of the TLC reality series get a jump on it by offering some of their own suggestions today.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron Big News?

The new season of Sister Wives brings Tony And Mykelti to the screen. This up-and-coming season promises to follow their baby journey as the family of two becomes a family of three.

But just as the Sister Wives followers think they have all the baby scoop, Mykelti Brown Padron teases with another big surprise coming soon. Now, this news could cover just about anything.

Mykelti Brown never said her latest surprise had to do with their baby. But fans jumped right on it and started their guessing game. One fan asks if she’s having twins. Still, another pushed it even further and suggested triplets.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron

Mykelti Helps Hubby Tony Padron at New Gig?

It seems Tony Padron couldn’t join in with the Sister Wives filming when working at his last job. Tony worked at a bank and he couldn’t get the time away from his job to take part in the family’s reality show.

Not too long ago Tony Padron announced he joined the work-at-home forces with a new job. At first, he offered little info on this new employment to the fans of Sister Wives online. But he had a reason for this. It seems his new employer has strict rules about mentioning his workplace on social media.

Since that’s how both Tony and his wife Mykelti communicate with their fans, he couldn’t say much about his new gig. But just recently info emerged describing Tony’s new job as streaming videos from home.

While he doesn’t offer too many videos online yet, the ones that he’s done so far feature his wife. Mykelti, who is one of the Sister Wives daughters looks like a good sport in these clips.

Tony Padron appears very creative with these videos when it comes to special effects. In one clip he throws a knife at Mykelti Brown in the style of a circus performer. Screenshots from that video appear below.

The knife-throwing looks real enough as Mykelti’s head thrusts backward in the video. But while he holds a knife in his hand, he never actually throws it. He adds a flying knife via technology.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Pardon - Tony Padron

Sister Wives: What’s Up With Exciting News?

While the fans of the Sister Wives series hope for twins or triplets, Mykelti Brown Padron’s surprise might no be about the baby or babies. With this couple now finding themselves featured on the new season, maybe they’re moving closer to the Brown clan.

As seen in the screenshots above, Mykelti has quite the storage area for all the clothes she sells online. She recently changed the name of her online group where she offers articles of clothing for sale.

Mykelti Brown revealed the new name of her group this week. This daughter from the Sister Wives’ show now calls her group Mykelti’s Whimsical Boutique.

So, maybe the news has to do with her business. But it looks like the Sister Wives enthusiasts spin some wishful thinking for the first multiple births within the Brown family.

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