‘Sister Wives’: Meri Strikes Pose of Independence – Fans Cheer Her On

Sister Wives star Meri Brown‘s latest post seemed to offer her fans some hope that she’s leaving her old life behind to live life on her own. Although, that’s probably not her intention with this post. Her recent photo sparked a debate online among the show’s viewers. She posted a photo of herself with a big smile posing with an unnamed man.

It seems it’s not a rare pose for Meri Brown. Since Meri demonstrated how she enjoys a more independent approach in life, she emerged in a couple of pics with random men. But fans still bicker about what this means for the Sister Wives matriarch.

The first wife of Kody Brown is away from home for a Lularoe event in Anaheim, California, this weekend. She posted a short clip of her visiting It’s A Small World attraction. This Sister Wives fan-favorite titled the clip – “When in Anaheim”. This offered up enough clues to pinpoint her location as Disneyland.

Sister Wives: A Very Independent Meri Brown

It’s not known if any of Meri’s Sister Wives clan members are there with her in California this weekend. It seems the first wife of the Brown brood presents herself in pictures as a lone entity these days. When on a Lularoe cruise a while back, she appeared all alone with only business associates. But fans found out later that three other Sister Wives family members were also on that cruise with her.

Meri Brown’s latest look is independence, even her social media bios reflect this. Chatter started online just last week suggesting Meri never did move to Flagstaff with the rest of the Sister Wives brood.

But that thought got debunked as Meri posted pictures from outside her Flagstaff home’s window. She kept her Sister Wives followers informed over the Flagstaff wildfire. At the time it burned too close for comfort near her home.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Unnamed Man

Make Kody Brown Go Away

Fans took a look at Meri’s latest post, apparently taken while in Anaheim this weekend. This Sister Wives celeb is grinning ear-to-ear while standing cheek-to-cheek with an unnamed man, who has his arm around her.

While Meri also posted a few photos of herself and some female Lularoe associates, it was the photo with the man that started the online debate. Some fans hoped against hope that Meri found herself a new love interest. Then others were sure this was just a friend or even a stranger who asked for a selfie with Meri.

It’s not the first time a picture of Meri Brown surfaced with a man by her side other than Kody Brown. A few weeks back the same hoopla started over Meri and another man in a photo she posted online.

Viewers of the Sister Wives show also hopped online in an attempt to sway Meri away from Kody Brown. Oddly enough, no one seemed to worry about the Sister Wives shared husband of four’s feelings even if Meri did find a new suitor.

Besides, fans are tired of Meri’s treatment from the other family members. They express their hopes that she leave it all behind. The scene below in the video is enough to remind fans what Meri is up against in her plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Rev Em Up for New Season?

Since the last season of Sister Wives ended, the look of independence grew in leaps and bounds for Meri Brown. While she’s looking good to fans in this mode, the new season could also play into this.

Don’t forget one of the biggest cliffhangers from last season was Kody Brown and Mary Brown attempting to rekindle the romance. Fans want to know how worked out within this plural marriage. So is Meri offering hints about the direction she eventually went? If that’s the case, it sounds like Meri on her own is just what her fans want to see.

Meri Brown looking estranged from Kody happened before via online posts. Then after all the chatter online suggesting they’re apart, a new season emerges to demonstrate she’s still with her shared husband. So feasibly this could happen again. While reports indicate a new season for Sister Wives is in the works, there’s no timeline offered for the premiere.

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