‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown’s Legs Wake Up the Internet

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently showed more skin in a post then she usually does sparking chatter from her followers. Meri didn’t show cleavage or her belly button. For that matter, her new post really didn’t show much of anything. That is – except her legs from the knees down.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Has Legs – Two of Them

When Meri Brown donned shorts in her recent post, this seemed to surprise some fans. Can you imagine the hoopla if Meri was captured in a pic wearing a swimsuit? While this isn’t the first time the matriarch of the Sister Wives clan fashioned herself in shorts, it’s not something she frequently wears.

Meri is usually in very modest clothing that covers most of her body on Sister Wives. But she’s wearing shorts just above her knees in her latest post. After all, it is the summer and the weather is getting hot. Once Meri posted the photo below of her wearing shorts, a fan asked: “I didn’t think you were ‘allowed’ to show so much leg.”

Then the fan continues the comment by asking Meri if this means she “finally got away?” Others online took this to mean she finally broke loose from the family. But some were quick to correct that comment, including Meri herself.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Wrong Reality TV Family?

It’s like that comment woke up a sleepy internet. Followers of the first wife of Kody Brown hopped online to correct the misconception. They conveyed how Sister Wives women can wear shorts.

They made clear Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown don’t have restrictions on showing their legs. Another fan post suggested people might be thinking of the Duggar family. That family patriarch doesn’t like the girls to wear shorts. Meri did respond to the fan by simply saying she can wear what she wants to wear.

Anyway, you would think by the chatter that folks have become infatuation with Meri’s legs today. But that’s not the mainstream of the chatter. What they seem excited about is the happiness that emanates from the Sister Wives matriarch.  She’s genuinely smiling in a slew of her recent posts.

Sister Wives: What Did Water Down Comment Mean?

No matter what Meri posts, people have a tendency to attempt to read between the lines. One of a more recent post contained an inspirational message from the first wife of this Sister Wives plural marriage.

But instead of taking it on face value, some see a strange message emerging. Her message said, “Never water yourself down just because someone can’t handle you 100 proof.” It sounded as if she was saying don’t stoop to someone’s level just to please them.

But now there’s also chatter about that post as some see it as a cryptic message from Meri Brown. Some folks seem to think that message from Kody Brown’s first wife hints to dissension within the ranks among the Sister Wives brood. It looks like no matter what Meri posts online these days people are going to read into it what they want.

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