‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Wrestles With Idea of New Family Member

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently posted a new pic which explains why the matriarch of the Brown clan is wrestling with an idea. People who follow this Sister Wives mom know how she adores her pup, Mosby. But she doesn’t get to see the dog much since it lives with her daughter Mariah Brown in Chicago.

When the Sister Wives bunch moved to Flagstaff, many of the pictures and scenes showed Meri carrying Mosby. She cuddled the dog almost as if it were a baby. Meri was physically there through the move right along with Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown. But she was on the sidelines a lot as the other family members mingled.

Sister Wives: No Doubt About It –  Meri Brown Loves Her Dog

When they landed at Robyn’s luxurious new Flagstaff house, throughout the day, Meri had her pup in her arms. Some comments online suggested the dog might have been like a security blanket for the Sister Wives mother of one. Especially since Meri’s looking at an empty nest with Mariah finishing her education in Chicago. Although, some naysayers suggested Mariah wouldn’t put it down because he might pee on the carpet. The same thing happened during Meri Brown’s grand opening of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. She carried the same pup all day long.

At one point Kody Brown suggested if she did put the dog down it might piddle on the carpet. So maybe the dog has a tendency to do that when in new places. For whatever reason, Meri held on to that little pup like he was an infant in her arms. And she’s done so during a few different occasions. So what is this Sister Wives celeb wrestling with today?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

It seems she’s missing a four-legged furry family member by her side. The Sister Wives matriarch recently posted a photo of herself holding the most adorable puppy. She captioned her post “I am not getting a puppy” over and over again. But she’s looking as if she’s in her glory with the pup snuggled up to her face.

It’s not hard to see Meri’s wrestling with herself over getting another doggie. It seems this little guy’s owner is Meri’s friend Amber, who is a “real estate lady” or at least it sounds that way from Meri’s hashtags. It also looks like this woman is willing to share this pup with Meri. As Kody Brown’s first wife thanks her friend for “shared custody” and promises to visit the dog as often as she can.

It also looks like Meri Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives clan are filming a new season. While TLC hasn’t passed down the official word, cameras tagging along with the Brown brood is a mighty good indication.

Sister Wives: Another Wrestling Match Meri Won

Fans of the Sister Wives reality show watched as Meri Brown struggled through bringing her bed and breakfast to life. It was her dream and she was up against a huge family roadblock when trying to get it together. Kody Brown originally promised to help her with the down payment then reneged. The other wives in this Sister Wives family seemed to be a bit standoffish with Meri as well.

It was reported back in March that the other wives, especially Christine, were not on the best of terms with Meri Brown. On the final episode of the Sister Wives last season, Meri and the other wives shared their concerns.

During the Tell All episode, Meri and Kody shared they’re rebooting their relationship, as the other wives looked on. But many Sister Wives followers ask if that was for show or what is really going on? So, with Season 14 likely in the works, fans may just find out later this year when the reported (but unconfirmed) new season rolls out.

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