‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Was Locked Out – But Back With Hot Pic

Sister Wives matriarch Meri Brown looked as if she was taking a break from her usual social media posting but no, it was a forced break. Or so the original matriarch of the Sister Wives clan described.

Sister Wives: Even Meri Brown Has ‘Locked Out’ Days

Meri usually posts quite frequently on her Instagram account. You can almost count on Meri Brown posting something daily to her site. Several days went by without so much as one of her famous Instagram cryptic messages popping up. So, Sister Wives fans probably thought she was really busy.

But when Meri showed back up on Instagram, she offered up the reason you haven’t seen her. It appears she found herself locked out of the site for a “hot minute”. So what happened for the Sister Wives celebrity to find herself locked out of her very popular site?

Meri Brown didn’t offer up any details explaining her locked account. But she’s back and her locked out dilemma doesn’t seem to be the focus of her Sister Wives comments.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Wow – Just Wow

It seems her fans’ focus went somewhere else other than Meri’s locked out problem. Instead, the Sister Wives enthusiasts appear to go wild over the newest selfie she’s posted. Meri Brown looks stunning with her makeup just so perfect, suggests several of her followers.

Meri has those doe-like eyes and photos often show just how blue they really are. This newest photo is grabbing a ton of online attention.

This Sister Wives star also seems to get a precise pose in the picture to accentuate the best of her facial features. The fans seem to really like everything about Meri’s latest selfie.

Sister Wives: A Reprieve for Original Matriarch?

Along with looking fantastic, this fan-favorite from Sister Wives is getting a bit of a reprieve these days. On the TLC reality show anyway. Instead of Meri being the target of Kody Brown’s angst, Robyn Brown seems to take her place.

But it doesn’t look like Meri can just sit back and be thankful the heat is off her. No, it appears Meri Brown doesn’t think Robyn deserves this treatment as well.

While Robyn gets under Kody Brown’s skin, Meri is there for her. During the four wives’ recent trip to Chicago to visit Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss, Meri made sure her thoughts were known.

Robyn was down the entire time in the Windy City over her problems back home with Kody. But she apologized to the Sister Wives ladies for being a party pooper. While everyone at the table reassured Robyn that wasn’t the case, Christine Brown threw her a zinger.

The fourth wife of the Sister Wives tribe found herself hit with that sarcastic slam and tears welled up. This prompted Meri to step in. She told Christine to “just stop” after she sent that jab Robyn’s way.

So while Meri looks good these days in her selfies, she also impresses fans as well for her kindness. She came to the rescue of one of her fellow co-wives. Catch a new episode of this popular TLC reality series on Sunday night at 10 pm EST.

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