‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Puts Her Victory On Parade Today?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown recently surfaced to steer fans in the right direction with a surprising declaration as the new season nears. This time Meri didn’t appear solo. No, she showed her fans a photo of her and the Sister Wives head honcho. This seemed to add that extra touch of validation to what she said. So last week Meri Brown declared her love for Kody Brown and passed along her plans.

Sister Wives: Is All Forgiven By Meri Brown – But How About Forgotten?

It did come as a surprise to some of her Sister Wives enthusiasts that Meri Brown plans to stay with both Kody Brown and their family. Like the show’s watchers suggest, Meri didn’t appear as a wife who gathered much respect from either Kody or her co-wives in the past few seasons.

The cutting remarks from her Sister Wives’ husband and her co-wives led the viewers to assume she’s about to set sail. Meri fueled those thoughts with her cryptic messages that seemed to suggest she was miserable within her plural marriage.

Apparently today, they forgave each other’s shortcomings. Or… possibly even forgotten them as well. Meri’s declaration puts her right back where she started from. She’s still the first wife of Kody Brown in this famous Sister Wives marriage that sports five participants.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

So… Meri Brown Pops Her Head Out

Meri Brown looks happy and maybe even content in the photo above where she partners up with Kody Brown. The Sister Wives patriarch and matriarch appeared to utilized that adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. With that pic, she made her declaration, and she took a stand.

So, now her fans know that she concluded. She’s still in love with her husband and she’s staying put. But they don’t know how she got to this point. As far as those who follow her were concerned, Meri’s declaration was a surprise, as many of her Sister Wives supporters didn’t see it coming.

Well, it looks as if Meri decided to enlighten those in her orbit today on just how she came to this big decision. Or maybe it wasn’t a decision at all. It’s possible that Meri always felt this way and the cryptic messages were just sprinkles of drama to keep the interest going in the show.

People probably wouldn’t tune into Sister Wives if it was a show about four women with one husband happily doing everyday mundane tasks. No, they want drama. So did the drama she created play a part in her years-worth of cryptic messages offered to the fans? If so… it apparently worked. The masses took in every word that Meri wrote between the seasons.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

 Sister Wives: New Season Coming -Conquest On Parade.

The note above came from Meri Brown today. It seems she’s giving her supporters the blueprints of how she emerged victorious after all she’s been through. Is the Sister Wives original matriarch parading her victory with that latest message?

It’s not written in Meri Brown’s own words. Instead, she borrowed it from a collection of inspirational quotes. But in “Note to Self” it sounds as if Meri might be saying she stood her ground by staying true to herself. So, in the long run, she achieved her goal by doing this.

“The right people will love you for who you are” – does this quote refer to her Sister Wives hubby?  Is she saying she got what she wanted but didn’t have to change to do so?

Some of Meri Brown’s followers express their happiness for her. But only if she’s indeed happy with her decision. But others still don’t understand why she defends her love for Kody despite what Sister Wives viewers witnessed on the show.

Not only Kody but her Sister Wives co-wives as well treated her horribly over the last couple of seasons. But she’s there with Kody in a digital shout out about how she “loves this man”. She also said that she’s planning on staying. But it seems like she came out with this victory on parade today to show the world just where she landed after not changing a thing.

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