‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Rips into Co-Wife – Screams with Fingers in Face

Sister Wives star Meri Brown appears to unleash some underlying anger at her co-wife when stress hits the breaking point in the next episode. A potential life-threatening event puts Meri Brown in a scramble.

But it looks like she doesn’t have to go through this alone. As the Sister Wives matriarch gets some help from her other spouses. While they all probably mean well, Christine Brown rattles Meri big time.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Burns as Christine Fuels the Fire

A wildfire is bearing down on Meri’s house and she just got the pre-evacuation notice. It appears all the Sister Wives spouses band together to help Meri.

Since a wildfire evacuation seldom gives you enough time to pack up your entire house, Meri Brown needs to make some quick choices. A stressed-out Meri wrestles with what she needs to save and take with her. But Christine Brown seems to escalate the already stressful situation.

The Sister Wives preview video shows Meri Brown verbally bite Christine after her Sister Wives co-wife said something to her. When Christine tells Meri to “stop” Meri whips around and tells her “don’t tell me to stop”. Meri Brown looks so mad that she points two fingers at Christine Brown as she yells at her.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Meri Brown

Enough is Enough From Robyn Brown

But it is the look on her face that says it all. Meri appears very agitated with Christine Brown. But this doesn’t seem like anything new these days with the Brown clan.

As the Sister Wives season winds down, it looks as if you’re hard-pressed to find a happy adult member of the Brown Family. The last few episodes offer enough evidence that this family is unraveling.

If you’re tired of watching Robyn turn on the waterworks, you’re not alone. Besides Kody Brown being at his wits’ end with his youngest wife, fans chime in as well.

The comments from the Sister Wives fans indicate enough is enough. Her play on words continues in the next episode as she bucks Kody all the way while he attempts to get her a house.

She’ll sign on the dotted line to buy the house but she won’t agree to purchase the home. This makes Kody crazy as she twists her words, which he shares with the Sister Wives cameras.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Drowning In Robyn’s Tears

The latest Sister Wives episodes to roll out were filmed last year. So fans know the outcome of Robyn’s dilemma. When her tears cleared, she found herself in a house that carried a price tag of almost a million dollars.

So, the sympathy for Robyn and her seemingly endless tears just isn’t showing up online from the Sister Wives followers. Kody admits to coming off as “mean” at times during the scenes with Robyn. But some fans still side with him online.

A Rare Glimpse for the TLC Family

That’s a rare occurrence for the viewers of the TLC reality show series. Kody pretty much has many fans tainted against him for a variety of reasons. But mostly because he’s a man who took on four wives.

Many just can’t find anything redeeming about a man who takes on more than one wife. So no matter what Kody does, the fact that he has more than one wife leaves some fans just not liking the husband of four. But with Robyn’s behavior on the show lately, the father of 18 seems to gather more empathy from the online comments.

Tune in to TLC on Sunday night at 10 pm EST to catch the latest episode of this popular reality show.

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