‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Moved To Tears By Reed Cowan

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown took to Twitter to share how she became moved to “tears a few times” while watching Reed Cowan speak at a TEDx event. Kody Brown’s former wife, downgraded to spiritual partner after their divorce so Kody could marry Robyn, experienced a lot of pain. These days, she seems to work hard at turning negatives into positives. Actually, it’s not surprising that she looks to a speaker like Reed Cowan to deal with pain. Fans know that Meri went through a torrid time when she was catfished. Additionally, we saw her tears as she tried to explain to the kids that Kody Brown wasn’t married to her anymore.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown gets help

Meri Brown appeared in the 2015 season of Sister Wives, tearful, a bit overweight, and obviously stressed. Next, we saw her painting. She took to painting as a type of therapy and then she started working out. Today, Meri looks bright, smiling, fit and just so together. But as most people know, it’s not easy to climb out the dark places. It takes determination and support. It takes motivation and Reed Cowan’s the person to listen to when you’re in pain. Meri posted about how she watched a talk by Cowan who talks about pain and coping with it.

The event he spoke at was posted to YouTube in 2017. Meri shared how it had made her cry while listening to him. On his Twitter, Reed Cowan shared the link, October 1. He said in his tweet, “On this 1 October, as so many of us work to make pain useful, I share with you this and what I have learned after my own tragedy about turning pain into purpose.” He probably posted the link to his YouTube talk because of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre anniversary. For those who don’t know, Reed Cowan had a very painful backstory. Meri said to him, “So many things to be learned from you. Honored to call you my friend.”

Reed Cowan’s backstory

It’s rather nice to think that the star from Sister Wives can call him her “friend.” These days, many fans of Meri feel she could use strong friends as she tries to stay positive. Reed Cowan’s backstory is painful and relates to his family. As a reporter for an ABC affiliate, he ended up downgraded from anchor when he came out about his sexuality. In 2006, his four-year-old son, 4-year-old Wesley, became entangled in a swing and died. As if that wasn’t painful enough, Reed, unknowingly sent by the news station to cover the story of his own child’s death, experienced devastation.

Reed, coping with terrible pain started a foundation in his son’s name. Desert News cited him as saying, “I know somewhere on the other side of the world people are dying who don’t get to see the age 4. I’ve got to turn this around and balance the scales a little bit.” The Wesley Smiles Foundation does a lot of good work in Kenya. Reed managed to take that pain and make something positive out of it. His talks help other people try to make something positive out of pain.

Meri Brown living the positive life

Meri Brown probably took her friend’s attitude to heart. If you look at her Instagram posts, you will notice she always uses very positive hashtags these days. “#LivingMyWhy, #BecauseICan, #LifeFulfilled, #PaintingIsMyHappyPlace” and “#NewThingsOnTheHorizon,” are hashtags she uses nearly every day. It certainly seems that Meri is making a concerted effort to turn her pain into positives.

What do think about the way Meri brown is turning her pain into positives? Did you take something away from Reed Cowan’s talk on YouTube? Stay in touch with news about Sister Wives by checking in with Soap Dirt Often.