‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Marriage Plan Laid-Out for Fans – She’s No Loser?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown might be Kody Brown’s first wife but today it looks like Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown come first. That’s only because the last season closed with Kody saying to the camera that he is no longer living with Meri Brown. “Living with” in Sister Wives lingo seems to mean he no longer sleeps at her home.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Answers Her Pleading Fans

Kody Brown’s display at the therapist’s office as the last Sister Wives season ended, angered fans. This prompted viewers to urge Meri Brown to leave her husband of 30-years. After a few weeks of the fans asking Meri why she doesn’t just leave, Meri offered an answer.

The Sister Wives’ original matriarch writes that there’s only one way to lose – that’s by quitting. She explained how leaving Kody means leaving the family as well.

Meri also said that she’s not ready to do that. Still, she continues to get suggestions from fans who urge her to jump ship. So, it looks like she might have posted another answer today to those urgent suggestions coming from the Sister Wives followers.

The first wife of the Brown family writes, “the only way you lose is if you quit. Then she put a serious spin on it with the word “Fact” stamped on her post in big red letters.

That post, which is below, seems rather powerful. It also looks like she’s offering a message to the fans. Maybe she offered this up as an excuse to her followers who want her to quit her life with Kody Brown.

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Sister Wives: Meri Brown

What’s Meri Got to Lose?

So, what does the first wife of Kody Brown got to lose? If you ask that question from the fans’ perspective, many followers of Sister Wives will probably say “nothing”. A good number of her fans already tell Meri she has nothing to lose and everything to gain by leaving her husband and co-wives.

But if you ask that question to Meri, the answer is probably “everything” from her perspective. She’s been married to Kody for 30 years. Two of her co-wives have been part of her life for over 25 years. It appears the last wife, Robyn is also Meri’s best friend. Then there are 18 children, who call her mom, or at least they did at one time.

Many of the comments aimed at Meri also attempted to remind her of the treatment she endures from the other women Kody married. The three other ladies who make up this Sister Wives plural marriage weren’t very nice to her as well.

Some of the people who follow Meri would love nothing better than to see her with a man of her own. But, as Meri said previously, it’s not just a husband she’d leave behind if she left.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Worth Fighting For?

When you look at Meri Brown’s message above, its only a few short words. But these are powerful words when put them in the context of her marriage problems. Her fans beg her to quit the marriage, more so now than ever before after watching the last season.

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They see Meri leaving her husband as an opportunity for her to gain in life. If it’s a loss, then she’s not losing anything of value in the eyes of her Sister Wives supporters. Then some viewers of Sister Wives see Meri and Kody as a couple who fell out of love a long time ago and just going through the motions to continue the TLC series.

Still, other fans think Kody Brown and Meri Brown are just fine as a couple. They theorize that the nasty mess seen in the therapist’s office is just added drama for the show. So if Meri quits her marriage, she loses the family and possibly the show as well. Meri wrote that this is “Fact” – “The only way you lose is if you quit”.

Is this a glorified way of saying never give up or is it a message to her fans that she won’t quit because she’s got too much to lose? With another Sister Wives season filming right now, her messages that appear to have a hidden agenda can only work at enticing fans back. So what is Meri Brown up to?

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