‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown’s Latest Posts Scrutinized for Man Hunting

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looked like she was ready to reboot her romance with Kody Brown as the season ended. Since that time, armchair sleuths have found a reason to question the future of a Kody Brown and Meri Brown rekindled love. First of all, some fans have a hard time wrapping their heads around Meri’s sudden change of heart with Kody.

Comments online indicate viewers of the TLC’s Sister Wives saw Meri trying and Kody Brown rejecting her attempts to get close again. At the beginning of the season, the couple looked as if they didn’t have an interest in romance.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Starts Online Buzz

Meri Brown shared quite a few pictures of her recent cruise with her fans by posting them online. While Christine Brown was also on that cruise with her, pictures didn’t point that out. That’s because Christine wasn’t in any photos with Meri. Sister Wives’ fans found this very odd and very telling about their relationship.

Instead, Meri Brown posted a slew of pictures with her and strangers. Many of those unknown people were men. So this started an online buzz among the Sister Wives viewers. One of the last photos, if not the last that she posted from her trip, had her posing between two men on her way to catch her flight home.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Meri Brown described being awarded a booze bottle as a prize for winning a race. She didn’t want to take the bottle on the flight home. Also, she mentioned that she doesn’t drink. So, she handed the rum to two men she happened upon while leaving her hotel. The Sister Wives mom of one also took a picture with the two guys and that gifted bottle of rum.

Apparently, one of those two men thanked her for the bottle online. He did this on Meri’s post that had the picture of her and these two guys. Then she replied to his thank you. But the interaction between Meri and the man was rather generic.

Sister Wives: Raising Eyebrows with “Likes”

It seems Meri Brown raised some eyebrows after the initial interactions over the rum. One of the men got a “Like” on his Instagram post from the Sister Wives spouse using her LuLaRoe Meri Brown name.

Again, the posts are generic and they don’t even give off a hint of romantic interest from either Meri Brown or this man.  Still, it looks like some people see Meri “flirting” online today with one of the two young hunks she met at the airport.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Shades of Yesterday on Sister Wives

Meri and Kody Brown appeared to give it their all attempting to convince viewers they are rekindling their relationship. But many viewers didn’t buy it when this played out on the Tell All, the last episode of the past season. Some believed it was a ploy aimed at sparking interest for another season.

Many fans have voiced their opinions on what they’d like to see in Meri Brown’s future. This includes their hopes of Kody Brown’s first wife finding a guy all her own. With the past problems that Meri ran into dabbling online for romance, she probably wouldn’t do this again. Especially out in the open for all to see on Sister Wives.

Meri’s Online Nod to Fellow Traveler

Could it be that this Sister Wives celebrity is just keeping in touch with a fellow traveler by posting a “Like” or two to their posts? This may be a more feasible way to look at her latest activity online. Looking over her online friend’s Instagram page, you can see Keith looks like a world traveler.

He’s seen in pictures with camels and pyramids in the background. Along with other posts of palm-lined beaches, castles, and Greek ruins. From that famous St. Louis Gateway Arch to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, it looks like this guy Keith has been there. So maybe Meri Brown found an online friend who likes to travel. With that said, sometimes a Like is just a Like.

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