‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Kept Her Eyes Closed for More Than Just a Kiss?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown often comes off as sad when conveying her thoughts on her place in life but she’s still with her shared husband. Kody Brown also offered up some sad thoughts about losing his belief in the polygamous lifestyle during the last season to air.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Given A Lot To Ponder

According to Sister Wives fans, those thoughts coming from Kody seem sad only because he married four women, all of who gave him children. So, it’s not only his life that’s affected by his change of heart. There’s a couple of dozen family members that either signed up or were born into this plural marriage.

The original Sister Wives matriarch, Meri Brown, has 30 years invested in this marriage. She’s the only wife who lived a monogamous lifestyle with Kody Brown. From the time Meri and Kody married, three years went by before they ushered Janelle into the family as wife number two.

Even with another woman around her husband, Meri didn’t feel threatened, romantically that is. Janelle recalled her relationship with both Kody and Meri in a book the Sister Wives adults penned years ago.

She came right out and said it. Janelle and Kody weren’t in love. No, it’s Janelle who felt she belonged in this family and she approached Kody with these thoughts.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Saved By Intellect

Meri Brown still felt safe with her love for Kody even with Janelle as his second wife. Janelle and Kody were seldom alone before their marriage. They knew each other, but for the sake of marriage, they were basically strangers.

Janelle revealed that the true love story between her and Kody didn’t start until years after they married. But unlike Kody’s second wife,  Christine Brown gave Meri Brown a run for her money.

Christine was thrilled to get the third Sister Wives spot. While becoming part of a Sister Wives setup enticed her, she wanted more than Janelle. Christine was after romance as well. So jealousy brewed with two romance seekers in the house.

Meri felt her life with Kody was threatened by Christine, unlike Janelle. Christine wanted and expected romantic love from Kody. Even though Meri Brown said from the beginning of her marriage that she knew Kody wanted to take on more wives, each time he did she appeared to act scorned.

From the beginning, this is something this Sister Wives original matriarch wanted as well, or so she said. Meri looked forward to having sister wives. But once they arrived, she felt sidelined.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: What Does Meri Really Want?

From the very beginning of the Sister Wives series, Meri seemed to battle inner demons of some sort. She became the cheerleader for bringing on more wives. But once they joined the Sister Wives family she became despondent.

Even though she pushed Kody towards Robyn Brown, once Robyn married, Meri felt she lost something she once had with Kody Brown. And… as Meri admitted years later, she blamed Robyn for her own problems with Kody.

Despite not feeling threatened by Janelle when it came to romance with Kody, Meri treated her horribly. This is something both Janelle and Meri revealed later on in years. Janelle felt Meri Brown didn’t like sharing her house with another woman.

Janelle couldn’t do dishes or laundry correctly in Meri’s eyes. Meri wouldn’t allow her to touch her laundry. She said Kody’s first wife made her feel like a guest who outstayed their welcome.

Sister Wives probably wouldn’t be the popular reality series without Meri Brown. But while she stars in this show, she never seemed to feel like a star in real-life. For some reason, the words in the post above appealed enough to the Sister Wives’ first wife to offer it up to her fans.

But as a few fans suggest, there’s another reason to keep your eyes closed. Some people just close their eyes to what’s really going on, they just don’t want to see it.

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