Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Keeps Other Co-Wives Under Dark Cloud?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown continues in the spotlight as her co-wives describe how messy things can really get with the family in her wake. From what it sounds like, Meri’s problems with their shared husband keeps a dark cloud hovering over the other marriages in this polygamous family.

Sister Wives: Time to Pull Out Meri Brown?

It seems the second lady to join this Sister Wives marriage offers her observations about Meri Brown. That’s Janelle Brown, who’s not known for dissing the other adults in her plural marriage.

This is really not a slam against Meri. But Janelle does say how the turmoil in Meri and Kody’s marriage does trickle-down on the rest of the family. More significantly, the other Sister Wives brides feel the stress.

Janelle talked about how she advocates for both her shared husband and Meri. She wants nothing more than for the two of them to fix what’s broken. But can this Sister Wives relationship be fixed? Not even Janelle seems to know the answer to that one.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Jealousy Still Rides High

Many fans consider Janelle Brown as honest as they come. She recently talked about jealousy as well. While she doesn’t seem to show it on the Sister Wives series, she still has those twangs of jealousy hit now and then.

Christine Brown wears her green monster on her sleeve periodically during the Sister Wives series. But Janelle seems very confident and beyond the emotion that most women would have when sharing a man. So as much as she seems to hide it, she does admit Jealousy still pops up now and then.

A lot has to do with the time he spends with each of his wives. All four of his wives say Kody is fair with sharing himself. But when it comes to Meri his time with her is cut short. He explained that his other wives and kids need him so that is where he concentrates the majority of his time.

But Meri did manage to wrangle Kody Brown for a picnic, which plays out in this Season of Sister Wives. Despite all her flirting on camera, Kody didn’t take the bait.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Meri and Kody Brown Struggle

It sounds like the Sister Wives family suffers as Meri and Kody struggle with their marriage. But it doesn’t look as if a rebooted romance is in the cards in the near future.

“When one relationship struggles, they all struggle,” Janelle said in this latest interview. In plural marriage, if one relationship  suffers, it sounds as if it effects all the other marriages within the Sister Wives unit. For that reason, Kody’s other wives must be anxious to see Meri Brown successfully work it out with Kody Brown.

To the Sister Wives fans it’s obvious that Meri Brown is more invested in making things work with Kody Brown than he is on this TLC series. Kody so much has admitted to this as well. He believes his marriage to Meri is failing and has been in a dark place for a very long time.

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