‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown in Stare-Off with Neighbor and Stand-Off with Herself?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown posted a photo of a stare-off with her neighbor, one who happens to stand in her backyard looking in at her. You can’t say the matriarch of the Sister Wives is without a sense of humor after seeing this latest post. But Meri Brown is also posting messages again that suggests she is on the cusp of making a major decision.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Captures Nosy Neighbor in Photo

But first, it looks like Meri Brown had a nosy neighbor to contend with lately. It seems the Sister Wives matriarch looked out her window to see a neighbor peering back in at her. Instead of turning and running once spotted, this neighbor stood their ground and didn’t flinch. So Meri captured the moment in a picture and captioned it as a “stare-off”.

This is the kind of neighbor that nature lovers welcome, even if they do stare at them through a window. So just who is this lurking in Meri Brown’s yard? Nestled between a tree and a tire swing stood an inquisitive deer. Meri also shared in her caption that she loves this kind of neighbor. It looks like this Sister Wives’ sense of humor came through on this post.

But that was earlier in the week when a deer in the yard caught Meri Brown’s eye. It seems the most recent post from this Sister Wives family member indicates her thoughts run a bit deeper today. In the post below, Meri Born seems to spell it out for her Sister Wives followers.

Sisterwives: Meri Brown

Fork In the Road for Meri Brown

Is Meri Brown in a quandary about her life or her place within her Sister Wives plural marriage? If her message is about herself then her latest posts suggest she can’t go forward or backward. But at the same time staying put means “killing off something deep and vital in yourself”.

It appears Meri Brown is not only having a stare-off with her four-legged neighbor these days but possibly a stand-off with herself as well. It’s easy for her fans to assume Meri is talking about her life. But what this Sister Wives mom shares could just be a bit of intrigue to reel-in the fans ahead of their new season due out in a few weeks.

While this new message sounds like Meri Brown struggles with something within herself, she’s not alone these days. It seems the first wife of Kody Brown is enjoying the season with a group of the Sister Wives kids.

The last season of Sister Wives demonstrated the fabric of this polygamous marriage appeared still a bit torn. It seems Meri Brown found her three co-wives and their shared husband had some unresolved issues with her.

Sister Wives: Makes Time for Family

Christine Brown especially shaded Meri in a few episodes of Sister Wives. Meri Brown was working on her relationship with Kody Brown when the last season closed. Kody described his relationship with Meri during the final Sister Wives Tell-All segment. He said it was just like dating her all over again.

The ladies of the Brown family didn’t seem as driven as Kody Brown when it came to mending fences with Meri . Despite the friction with the Sister Wives moms, it seems Meri Brown took some time out this week to bond with their kids.

Meri went to the North Pole and Santa Exhibits with a bunch of the Brown kids. They looked like they had a great time from what the pictures showed. But this only confused the fans even more.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Brown Kids

Sister Wives: Viewers Will Look For Clues In New Season

But even if Meri does decide to become a solo act away from her spouses, she’ll always be a mom to all the kids. So spending time with the kids around the holidays doesn’t mean she’s opted to stay in her plural marriage.

When Sister Wives Season 14 rolls out on January 5, 2020, fans will make TLC their Sunday night TV destination. Meri Brown’s followers will watch closely to see if she seems invested in this marriage or if she’s just going through the motions for the sake of her TLC contract.

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