‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Doppelganger Pic Turning Fan Heads

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently posed for a selfie with a fan. And when she posted the pic, her followers couldn’t get over the uncanny resemblance. While Meri Brown was in Disneyland recently, she wasn’t there solo. Despite some reports indicating she was all alone, in fact, she was with a crowd of family. Along with the photos she shared online, she invited any fan who spotted her there to come say hi. Apparently, one woman and a young girl took the Sister Wives mom up on her invite and sparked a ton of comments.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Has a Look-Alike Out There

It seems this photo instantly started to gain comments. It looks like people didn’t seem to care that Meri Brown was in Disneyland. What they did seem to find interesting was how much the “super fan stalker friend” resembles Meri Brown. Also, let’s be clear that this Disneyland outing was a family trip. Several major sites inaccurately reported that Meri went solo and was vacationing alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Other photos cropping up online indicate she was with Kody Brown and her Sister Wives Janelle Brown and Christine Brown plus several of the Brown kids.

After Meri’s picture surfaced, a fan posted her own pic to Facebook. While that photo showed the spouses of this plural marriage together, one wife seemed to be missing. Only three of Kody Brown’s wives were seen in the snap. Robyn Brown was absent in the photo. It seems a few commenters suggested that the Sister Wives clan might be celebrating a few graduations with this trip. Since the kids with them were teenagers, this led some fans to that graduation celebration theory.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Long Lost Sister Wives Relative?

It seems Meri posted online inviting fans of their TLC show to approach her if they happened upon her at Disneyland. So it looked a few fans took advantage of her welcoming invitation. When one pic popped up online, fans hopped onto the picture with Meri Brown and the unidentified woman and girl to offer their observations.

Within hours thousands of “Likes” appeared on the pic with Meri and this mystery woman. Immediately, fans commented at a resemblance. Comments piled up all pretty much saying the same thing. It looks like Meri Brown having a doppelganger stunned Sister Wives followers.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Ysabel Brown in wheelchair

Sister Wives Family Photo Debunks Reports That Meri Vacationed Solo

It seems the show is also popular in the UK. So, when a fan from across the pond approached the Brown clan for a picture, they obliged. As you can see above, there was a bunch of Brown family members who were together at the theme park with Meri. While she may be branching out on her own now and then, she was front and center vacationing with the clan in California.

It looks as though this picture put all the suggestions that Meri was in Disneyland alone to bed. Just a quick look at the photo told you that. The picture, which a fan posted to social media answered a few questions. But it also left fans with many questions unanswered about the Sister Wives.

Photo Brings Up More Questions

This impromptu Sister Wives theme park family portrait had one wife unaccounted for and sparked questions. So, the post sparked queries of where is Robyn? While the woman in the photo with a baseball cap looked a bit like Robyn Brown to some commenters, it’s definitely not her. This started an online debate that she was possibly Robyn.

The person who posted the picture hopped back on to say no, Robyn was not seen with them. It appears several fans were also concerned about what was up with Ysabel Brown. They wanted to know why she’s in a wheelchair. Viewers knew she battles scoliosis and considered surgery during the last season on TLC. So this family picture led fans to ask if she had that back surgery she fought so hard to avoid. Check back for updates.

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