‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Brown Plugs $10 Shoes – Mom of Two Makes Use of Her Fame

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush is at home with her newborn and toddler but it looks like she’s literally got her foot in the online merchandise game. Maddie’s face first popped up on TV a decade ago when she was still just a kid.

It wasn’t her decision at the time on whether or not she wanted to become famous. Her Sister Wives parents made that choice for her. So it looks as if Maddie takes advantage of her fame today. Why not use it as she raises her little family that sprouted up from the Sister Wives kingdom.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Dabbles in Sales

So now that she’s recognized by the masses because of her role on Sister Wives, she’s not letting it go to waste. Much like several other family members of this TLC reality show, Maddie Brown is dabbling in online sales today.

So with a newborn cuddled in one arm and her toddler resting on her lap, Maddie Brown presents her wares. This Sister Wives sibling is known as one of the more level-headed members of the Kody Brown tribe. For that reason fans find her interesting to follow on her social media sites.

She’s the biological daughter of Janelle Brown and Kody Brown. But the three other women who make up this plural marriage also consider themselves as Maddie’s mom as well.

Maddie Brown married Caleb Brush a few years ago. This Sister Wives couple has a two-year-old son Axel Brush. Maddie gave birth to a daughter last month, Evangalynn Kodi.

The couple gave the baby a middle name, which is the female version of Maddie’s dad’s name, Kodi.  That’s instead of Kody as in Kody Brown. So they gave the Sister Wives family their first grandchildren.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown -Axel Brown

Putting Fame to Work

Apparently it’s important for Maddie Brown Brush to remain a stay-at-home-mom but that’s hard in today’s economy. It usually takes two paychecks to keep your head above water when raising a family.

So now that Maddie’s well-rested after giving birth or at least as much as she could be with a newborn in the house, she’s embarked on sales. Today she posted a video clip explaining her choice in footwear. She highlighted why comfort means so much to this new mom.

But Maddie claims she found comfort with style. Even when she decides on heels, she claims the shoes award her comfort while still looking stylish as well. The highlight of her relaxed sales pitch – you can get a pair of shoes for “as low as $10.” So it looks like Maddie Brown offers more bang for your buck when it comes to dressing up your feet.

The Brown clan has made the most of the fame awarded them from their Sister Wives show. Several members of the family sell the LuLaRoe clothing line online.

Meri Brown looks like a superstar sales associate for LuLaRoe. This is evident by all the perks they’ve awarded her for the number of sales she generates for the company.

Sister Wives: It’s a Family Affair

Kody Brown hunts for online promotional opportunities as well. A while back he gave a shout out to Whole Foods, suggesting they hire him for a commercial for their business as he shops there all the time.

It looks like Maddie warms up to be the next member of the Sister Wives brood to leave her mark with the online sales phenomenon today. Things are getting much less inexpensive to purchase when shopping online. Many companies also offer next day delivery. So the world seems to be leaning towards this new way of shopping.

Today Maddie Brown Brush looks like she’s attempting to get a piece of that online action. But her way of doing it is just a bit more adorable than her Sister Wives cohorts. Who can pass up the mom with the adorable kids on her lap while she offers cool shoes to the folks at home?

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