‘Sister Wives’: Kody’s Engaged Son Seen Pushing Baby Carriage – Logan and Michelle Update

Sister Wives star Kody Brown‘s daughters had plenty of airtime around their engagements but not for son Logan Brown and his fiancee Michelle Petty. The oldest child of the Brown family seemed to fall through the cracks once he announced his engagement. But, just maybe, the son of Kody and Janelle Brown likes it that way.

Almost a year ago, Logan Brown got down on one knee. He did this on a bridge spanning over the Colorado River. The eldest Brown sibling asked his longtime girlfriend Michelle Petty for her hand in marriage. She joyfully and tearfully accepted. That scene from the Sister Wives family archives plays out in the video below.

Sister Wives: Monogamous Marriage for Logan Brown When He Marries Michelle Petty

Not much was said about Logan Brown and fiancee Michelle on the last season of the TLC reality show. Fans also don’t hear much today when it comes to these family members of Sister Wives on their social media sites. The couple seemed to be missing on screen. They were especially missed as the entire family gathered for the big Flagstaff move.

Sister Wives viewers hopped online after the moving episode. They wanted to know where Logan was and why he didn’t lend a hand. It seems Michelle and Logan were off living their own lives as a busy couple.

From the look of the social media accounts belonging to Michelle Petty and the Sister Wives son, Logan, they still remain happily engaged. Logan celebrated a milestone birthday in May when he turned 25. It looks like Michelle threw a party.

Sister Wives: Logan Brown - Michelle Petty

Kody Brown Has Very Future-Oriented Son

Not only is Logan the oldest boy of the Sister Wives tribe, but he’s also the oldest out of all Kody Brown and his wives’ kids. Logan, much like his now married younger siblings, plans to enjoy a monogamous marriage. He hasn’t the slightest interest in having more than one wife, according to reports.

This Sister Wives duo sounds very future-oriented right now. Logan describes their engagement as a “long one” because grad school comes first. He’s working on his MBA. From the photos on Michelle Petty’s twitter account, it looks as if she graduated this year, as she was working on her MA in Criminal Justice.

Sister Wives: Couple Hones In On Parenting Skills With Furry Family Member

Logan said at the time they became engaged to expect at least a two-year engagement. Once his education is complete, they need to save for a wedding. That’s right, while Kody Brown foots the bill for his daughters’ weddings, tradition dictates the father of the groom doesn’t have to do the same for his sons.

It looks like the Sister Wives patriarch is off the hook for another elaborate wedding right away. Although he still has Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss in line next with no date as of yet for their wedding. But Kody Brown has teen daughters growing older by the minute and they too may soon bring home potential partners to meet Papa Brown.

But while a wedding is off in the future for Logan Brown, it looks as if practicing parenting skills has become the couple’s pastime. Both Logan and Michelle Petty walk with a baby carriage these days. While their baby is furry and is prone to purring, they still look like proud parents.  So the only baby in this Sister Wives arm of the family is the cat. At least for the foreseeable future.

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