‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Wife Shopping – Wife Swap or Fifth Wife Ahead?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is allegedly shopping for a new wife. The husband of four is supposedly considering bringing in another lady to share the lair. So, is Kody seeking a fifth sister wife? Or could he be gaining a new fourth because one of the existing four is headed to the door? Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown are all currently married to the 50-year-old Kody.

However, reports allege that not all his wives are happy and neither is Kody. In fact, the wife shopping could be to replace rather than to add to the Sister Wives sisterhood. So, let’s discuss which wife or wives might have one foot out the door.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Marriage To Meri Seems Most Rocky

Marriage to one woman is not easy for some guys. But Kody Brown has his work cut out for him times four on his hit TLC show Sister Wives. The chatter is that many of his marriages are crumbling. Perhaps Kody is debating whether to put in the work to revitalize the relationships or allow one or more wives to walk. Regardless, the husband of four and father of eighteen is rumored to be looking to add to his family. A new younger wife would be ideal if he wants more offspring.

We know from last season of Sister Wives that Meri and Kody said they are not intimate and have not been for years. The catfish scandal and fall out reportedly damaged their marriage and family. However, the couple seems to be working on their relationship – courting if you will. Still, Meri seems like the wife most likely the one to leave. She has a thriving online clothing business and a successful bed and breakfast. Clearly, she does not need her husband or family to survive.

Janelle Brown Is All Business To Kody While Christine Continues to Keep It Cozy

That brings us to Janelle Brown. She and Kody seem to have more of a business relationship than a marriage even though they share six children. Janelle is fiercely independent and always has been. Intimacy doesn’t seem to be a high priority of hers. She comes off as loyal to the family, Kody and her Sister Wives. The likelihood of Janelle Brown leaving the fold is slim to none.

Christine Brown is one of the few wives reportedly still hitting the sheets with their shared husband on Sister Wives. She is the fun wife and always in Kody’s corner. Fans can see their playfulness on the show as well on her numerous Facebook Lives when she is selling those famous leggings. Additionally, Christine has slimmed down which can help keep the embers burning in their marriage. Christine is quoted in her tag line on the show saying she didn’t just want a man but she wanted a family. So, looks like Kody’s third wife is not going anywhere anytime soon. She looks to be in it for life.

Sister Wives – Robyn Brown Is The Fed Up Favorite

Kody Brown’s fourth wife Robyn Brown is arguably the favorite of his wives. In fact, it has been reported that he spends just about every night with the legal wife. However, Robyn may not be towing the family line these days. She missed Aspyn Brown’s college graduation from UNLV last week sparking rumors she is unhappy with the present state of the family.

Additionally, she is increasingly short with Kody in interviews. Some suggest Robyn is not feeling the love of her husband. She is adamant about not wanting a fifth wife. The other wives before her know all too well how it feels when a new wife is added and they are no longer the apple of Kody’s eye. Kody’s resistance to taking on a fifth wife could be to keep Robyn happy.

Kody Brown Not Following Brown Family Protocol

According to the Sister Wives, it is frowned upon for a married man in their religion to openly solicit a new wife. In fact, the Brown family protocol is that one of the wives suggests who they feel would be a good addition to the family. In essence, they vet and court another woman before the introduction to their mutual husband is made.

However, Kody Brown’s recent behavior points to him actively seeking a new wife on his own. He looks slimmer and trimmer these days. He seems to spend hours in the gym not wearing his wedding ring. All are indications that the Brown patriarch is acting like a single man ready to mingle. Certainly, this behavior is not making his current flock of wives happy.

Sister Wives – New Wife A Ploy For Bagging Season 14?

Ratings for Sister Wives have been declining with each new season. So much so that Kody Brown had their salaries reduced in order to procure the last two seasons. Season 13 ratings were lower than season 12 and as of now the future of the TLC series remains unclear.

So, adding another wife, either to replace an allegedly unhappy one or just to grow the clan could be Kody Brown’s way to entice TLC into another season. No doubt viewers will tune in to see the Brown family court a new wife. Of course, there is still a lot of loose ends from last season’s move to Flagstaff that remain as cliffhangers to fans of the show. This is not the first time and certainly won’t be the last time the idea of floating a fifth wife has come up. As of now, all wives remain married to Kody Brown but whether they stay married remains to be seen.

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