‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Ups Ante On Attention-Seeking?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown is exactly like he was years ago, claim his childhood friends who remember how he acted starved for attention. It seems this love should be multiplied and not divided motto Kody’s got going on isn’t the same motto his cronies tag him with today.

Sister Wives: Window Into Past of Kody Brown

When Kody introduced his four Sister Wives ladies to several of his high school friends, the ladies got an earful. It started off with the shared hubby looking proud. But he ended up asking his friends to stop with their critiques of his plural marriage.

His four wives learned a few things about the Sister Wives patriarch. But they also endured a few embarrassing moments. Their husband not only looked embarrassed himself but it appeared anger brewed as his old acquaintances chimed in with their thoughts.

These people knew him very well in high school. While they were rather shocked to hear about his plural marriage as well as his TV show, they weren’t surprised.

It’s not so much that they see Kody Brown as a ladies’ man, although one woman still seemed to swoon over him. No, their lack of surprise is based on the leader of the Sister Wives family and his constant need to be the center of attention. A few of these old buddies thought this lifestyle is perfect for this guy who craves attention.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

Hey, Look At Me…

Some of these people grew up with Kody from childhood. One of the guys considered him a very close crony in high school. He explained his reaction when he first heard that his once-close buddy created a Sister Wives‘ family.

It seems Kody left the church they both belonged to while growing up. He left that church and joined the sect which promotes plural marriage.

The guy followed that comment up by saying he didn’t take this Sister Wives decision as personal. No, he just thought it was “stupid,” he tells Kody with his four wives listening in.

The photo above shows both Meri and her hubby’s reaction to that “stupid” comment. Yes, this Sister Wives duo looks uncomfortable, to say the least. The same look came over the faces of his other sister wives as well during these conversations.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Sitting Ducks For Friends?

Meri Brown couldn’t hide her disdain for that “stupid” comment. The camera panned to her and she looked furious over this guy calling their lifestyle stupid. They became sitting ducks for some Sister Wives flippant comments aimed mostly at Kody Brown.

Finally, the husband of four spoke up and said he doesn’t want to go there anymore. He’s not there to defend his lifestyle. Instead, he’s there to catch up with old friends.

That’s when one of the women from his past told Kody Brown what she thought. When she heard of his Sister Wives lifestyle, it seemed to fall into place with his behavior back in high school. She thought he was a genius for finding a way to always be the center of attention. That’s how she saw him during his younger years.

She went on to say, with four wives and 16 kids he gets plenty of attention. (Ariella Brown and Solomon Brown weren’t born yet, which brings the offspring number to 18 today).

Old Girlfriend Demonstrates The Rub

One of the ladies in this group happened to be one of Kody’s old girlfriends. She gave a demonstration of how he rubbed a sweet spot on her arm. A screenshot from the Sister Wives episode above gives you a glimpse of her demonstration.

His old girlfriend went down a very animated memory lane. She rubbed her arm and expressed pleasure on her face while explaining his romantic moves.

This seemed to put the Sister Wives ladies in an uncomfortable position. But Kody Brown’s wives, as well as the fans, got a glimpse into the life of a young Kody Brown.

Not only did the Sister Wives ladies have a few moments of squirming, but their shared husband did as well. Calling him stupid in front of his four adoring wives didn’t come off as an ego booster.

So, Papa Brown’s high school buddies saw him as a man who needs to be the center of attention. This is how they rationalize his Sister Wives lifestyle. Fans also learned that his old girlfriend thought he had some sweet romantic moves.

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